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S1 111s Mods And Thoughts.

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I will list the things here i have done to our little blue bomber and my thoughts on them.1) A service carried out 18/10/2004, yawn.2) New rear tyres fitted Toyo T1R, 225/45/16. 19/10/2004. I could not afford the fronts at the same time so just changed the rears. I have been using them for about 12 months now and im impressed. Reasonable price for a good all round tyre IMO.3) Aluminium indicator stalks fitted, 20/10/2004.4) Aluminium heater controls fitted 20/10/2004.5) Aluminium switch covers fitted 20/10/2004.As you can see, i like a bit of Ali tat but only in moderation.6) Stainless steel filler cap surround fitted, 1/11/2004. The old one was rusty and it offended me. The stainless steel one still looks as good as new.7) New water pressure bottle cap fitted, 1/11/04, the old one had a slight leaak causing a smell of anti freeze in the car.8) Braided brake hoses fitted 3/11/2004, a must for any Elise a lot better pedal feel.9) Replace front anti roll bar drop links 3/11/2004. One of them things that have to be done from time to time.10) Reconditioned steering rack fitted 3/11/2004, as above.11) Front Clam and bonnet resprayed 18/11/2004. Bloody stone chips. It was done at Hallcraft. Top notch job.12) Linished cam cover fitted 13/12/2004. Xmas pressie from Liz. How sad is that :-)13) Metallic blue oil cap fitted 13/12/2004, as above.14) Hurrican air filter fitted 20/1/2005, lovely noise and well worth it.15) Uprated gear linkage kit fitted 5/3/2004, this gives you a lot better notchy feel and its also well worth it.16) Adjustable bottom engine mount fitted 5/3/2005. This is stronger than the Lotus one. I did it in preperation for track days.17) New front tyres fitted Toyo T1R 185/50/15, 4/5/2005. Now got the full set. Still feel they are a good all round tyre.18) C service carried out 4/5/2005. At Horizon, quality as always.19) Quickshifter fitted 8/5/2005. With the gear linkage bushes its now as good as it should have been to start with.20) Fuel filter and new feed pipe fitted. The old one had been over tighten at Hethel during manufacteur and had to be replaced.21) S2 springs and dampers fitted 125/135 2/9/2005, 29000 miles. Far far superior to the Koni. If you have the money, do it. Changes the car a massive amount.22) O/S/F wheel bearing changed 20/9/200523) MOT 29487 miles 20/9/2005.24) Oil changed 4/10/2005, 29900 miles.25) Headlight brackets and top damper mounts shotblasted and replated (07/12/2005 )As an addition to this list, i thought i would start another list of my best mods. With the best first the next best second, etc etc.1) S2 Bilstein dampers and springs.2) Stainless steel brake hoses.3) Hurrican air filter.4) Quickshifter and linkage bushes.

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