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Throttle Pedal Linkage



This is an upgrade that I have been considering for some time now. As most of you S1 owners will know, the original OEM throttle pedal plate and linkage are not the best. I get movements in all directions that has no impact on the actual throttle movement, basically, its bloody wobbly.


In the end, I decided to take the plunge and buy Eliseparts' version and see what I get.



The kit.


The kit itself is pretty basic, you get the control arm, bearings, washers and bolts. That is it really.




Tools Required:


1. Screw Driver

2. Spanner, size 7 and 8mm

3. 1/4 inch combi set, including socket size 7 and 8mm,

4. Long nose pliers


Oh, you also get pretty good instructions. The instructions are pretty simple to follow and just be methodical in the approach. The rest will be pretty simple really.



Removal of the existing throttle cable installation


Now, I am not a really big guy, but I struggled to get under the dash any other way other than swinging my legs up in the air, with my back on the chair/ floor and my head under the dash. Its not the most flattering position, however it seems to work for me. Just watch your head as you come up for air. biggrin.png



I am not going to run through the steps (as the instructions that come with the kit are very good) instead, I am going to share some photos.











As you can see from the photo above, the original arm moved quite a lot.




See the 'bump' stop rubbing on the main mount plate.






The new setup with the uprated bearings feels a lot more controlled. One thing to note at this point, do not over tighten the bolt. It just needs to be enough to hold the assembly in place, otherwise you will feel it on the throttle.




Note: So, reinstalling is also a pain in the butt activity, however I found that by getting on my back, with the feet over the rollover bar, I can quite comfortably work under there. :D - it looks strange though.




This is one of the best value/gain mods I have done. The mod works really well and the throttle feels so much more positive. I really wished I did this years back.


If you still have the original setup, just find some shillings and get this mod done. You will not regret it.


As for me, I am loving it smile.png


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