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Lotus Elise S1 Headlight Covers

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I have been toying with the idea of adding the headlight covers to the headlights for some years now. To be honest, the S1 looks really good both with and without the headlight covers, so it has never been something that I felt strongly about.


Anyway, I finally decided to give it a go.


The Covers


I bought the headlight covers from a chap selling them on eBay. These were originally purchased from Eliseparts and the chap never got round to fitting them on his car.




First step


As these covers tend to trap moisture, I decided to first clean the inside with rain-X. Now, I am no expert, but I thought that this would reduce condensation. Time will tell.






I then cleaned up area around the headlights, ensured that all the bugs and dirt is removed.








It is my understanding that the headlight covers can be fixed to the clam in various ways.


1. Rivited - I have seen this in various cars (mainly racing cars) but looks pretty ugly I would say, but effective.


2. Eliseparts supply with some 'goo' that can be used to fix the covers in place


3. Various 'super' adhesives - such as tigerseal. Not a fan as they tend to damage the paintwork if you ever decide to remove them.


But, I decided to go down the clear sealant route. This provides very strong adhesive, that is flexiable and is very good at sealing the covers in place.




After cleaning the area, I pushed out a thin, consistant bead all the way round the area...








Then carefully placed the light covers over the area and pressed to spread the sealant...




Looking good!




I approached the other side in exactly the same way.






In conclusion, I really like the look and I think it will keep on growing on me. As I said before, I think the S1 looks good with or without the covers.




As for now, this is another job done!

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I like the idea of the rain-x on the inside. I'll be interested to see how that goes.

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Indeed. I have found that Halfords sell anti fog spray for biker's visors. That may be a better solution. I will update on outcome.

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Rain-x worked pretty well in ensuring that any steaming just runs to the bottom and eventually draining off. However, we shall see how long it remains effective.

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