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Fuel Installation 4 - Fuel Lines & Pump

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When considering the fuel line runs, you need to take into account the locations of all key components, the fuel flow direction and access.


The engine supply will pretty much run:-


Main fuel tank -> Swirlpot -> in-line fuel pump -> T piece (Engine/ return) -> Fuel Pressure Regulator -> Swirlpot -> back to the main tank.


As I had already chosen the location of the Swirl pot, it was then pretty obvious as to the runs I needed and location.


Note: Looking back, I wish that I had used better connectors as the normal push-on and clips approach, works well under normal circumstance, however because I kept the clam on, it proved very difficult to lean and reach across to get the pipes fitted.


I would further add that you should always measure twice and cut once. Be sure!!


I was able to re-utilse majority of the original pipes, however In some cases, I had to use new. In time, I will replace them all so as I end up with a uniform look.


Fuel Pump Location


Whilst thinking about pipe runs and location of the key components, I had to make a decision on where the fuel pump should be mounted.


Now, on this, majority of the conversions seem to mount the fuel pump on the builkhead and in some cases share mountings with the Swirlpot.


In my case, due to the large Swirlpot, I had to come up with a different solution.


After some head scratching, I ended up with using the original fuel filter housing, modified to allow the in-line fuel pump to fit comfortably in side it.






The fuel pump fit pretty well in it and a couple of zip ties and all is good. All fittings added to the fuel pump (including the banjo fitting to give a 90 degrees outlet)




This was then to be mounted on its original location on the aluminium mount by the connectors etc.




Note: I decided on ensuring that all mounts were sitting on rubberised washers which will go some way in reducing vibrations and fuel pump noise being transmitted into the cabin.


The location seems to work pretty well and secured.




Fuel Filter


Just a quick note on this. I decided to retain my original high flow fuel filter and relocated it against the bulkhead. As its not particularly heavy, I used industrial strength Velcro to hold it in place. It held very well.


The photo below shows the final location...



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