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28th - 30th June 2024
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Supercharger Installation - Intro



Hi All.


So, having run my car with the Honda conversion for a couple of years now, it turns out that I needed a supercharger to be bolted on! Who knew? :rolleyes:


Well, to be perfectly honest, I was quite happy with the car as it was and enjoyed every bit of it on the road and on track. I always knew that it will get to a time and I will seek more power, but what caught me by surprise is the fact that this time came so soon.


I think it was all triggered by Dan getting his car 'charged which lead to me having some unhealthy thoughts about doing the same to mine. I fell for it once again!


So, given that I never want to spend more money than I have to, I had to go down the DIY route and source the charger from the cheapest place I could find.


After some research, I ended up setting myself a budget and hit the tinterweb for parts etc. And so the story begun!




As before, doing this type of project, for the first time, with no experience would be absolutely impossible without the support of some experienced heads and the wider car enthusiasts community. However, I will have to point out and thank the following people, that supported me well beyond my imagination.


In no particular order


Steve D (Stormin on Seloc) Absolute rock and his knowledge on this sort of installation is second to none.


Dan (The Man). What can you say about this dude. He took photos of his installation night and day in ensuring that I could visualise certain parts of the installation and rest my worries when I thought I screwed things up.


Dave M (Middo) His guidance on parts, direction on the installation, confirmations and general knowledge was very valuable.


Miles. He was there for me on emails, texts, sorting out contacts, bouncing ideas and thoughts on the installation.


To you all, I salute you and the success of this installation is as much yours as mine.


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