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Elise Series 2 front indicator wanted

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    • By Izzimad
      Hi, it's my first post and it's a shame it's on the negative side.
      I've been a '06 111R owner for just 3 weeks. Everytime I drive it I can't help but grin, the best, most exciting car I have ever owned. Unfortunately there is is but. On the day I purchase the car I noticed moisture in the front indicator. Rather than let the car dealer sort it and being eager to drive the car ASAP I decided to resolve the issue myself if required.
      On the following day the moisture was still present. When attempting to find the clip on the indicator I found that it was non-existent as it had snapped off. I discovered that a previous owner had used adhesive to fix it in place and the unit came away pretty easily. After research on various forums I could see that this is all too common.
      The dealer agreed to replace it under their warranty. The indicator was replaced and I was happy to get behind the wheel again. After a week of driving to work, I look out of my window this morning to see that my pride and joy has the very said replacement indicator hanging out. The clip was cracked and the new indicator therefore buggered!
      I rang the dealer again and they said that I would have to wait a further week for a replacement. This time there was no commitment to getting this replacement under the warranty. I was told that the matter would have to be discussed with the owner on Monday.
      The thought of another week without driving the car (don't want to risk it even with taping the indicator etc) impatience got the better of me. I rang my nearest Lotus dealer at Silverstone and they had a replacement available. My wallet £98 lighter but the Elise now drivable.
      My question is, has anyone else on mloc had repeat occurrences of this? Was anything done to resolve it? I am concerned that it will happen again and scratch the clam. I have seen various ways of improvising a solution but I am reluctant to carry these out should it happen again. Any help out there and I would really appreciate it. It has really taken the shine of owning such a superb car. Thanks

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