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Mloc Raffle Prize

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 a big thank you to Ann & Paul for generously donating two prizes to this years MLOC summer event


Ann & Paul are from Manning UK Insurance, thank you for helping us!

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    • By the DustRoom
      OK; I'm cutting a load of decals ready for the Chatsworth event this weekend so would like some sort of indication as to how many of each peeps may want (to try and avoid disappointment).
      I'll cut some spares for peeps that would maybe want more than 1.
      Each decal will be £3.00.
      This is just to give me an idea of numbers; after "voting" for your choice you're not obliged to buy these at Chatsworth if you don't want to.
      I'll also cut a few in other colours so that people can get an idea of what they may want later as after the event they will be available to buy through the MLOC store.
      I'll cut both designs in standard or reverse (reverse is for sticking to the inside of a window):
      The "laurel" design (this is 3.25" x 3"):

      The "10" design (this is 4.5" x 3"):

      The "laurel" design is quite intricate so you'll have to be very careful when removing the decal from the backing paper and again when peeling the application tape off once applied to the surface of whatever you've stuck it to in order to ensure that you don't peel off a bit of the decal.
      You'll have to be careful with both obviously but the laurel one has some very tiny details.
      You're better off not washing the car after sticking the vinyl to it for about a week so that the vinyl adheres to the surface properly and certainly be careful with pressure washers!
      I've had one of the "laurel" design on my window for a good while now and it's still perfectly fine after a number of washes and so forth.
      Some pics of them cut and ready (minus application tape so you can see them properly):


      And... to make it even more complicated; the "10" can also be cut in a negative format as well (bottom one in this pic):