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Lotus in the Peak
Chatsworth, 8th-10th July 2022

Zhuhai 6H

Mark H

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Lotus Jetalliance: Both cars at the finish – and with P4 and P6 it was an appealing result as well!



Fastest time in class in free practice the highlight


Lotus Jetalliance has achieved its set goal in today’s finale of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cups in China: Both Lotus Evora GTE made it to the finish at the “Six Hours of Zhuhai”. What is more: With a fourth place by Martin Rich/Oskar Slingerland/Rene Rasmussen (GBR/NED/DEN) and a sixth place by James Rossiter/Johnny Mowlem/David Heinemeier-Hansson (GBR/GBR/DEN) in the GTE/Pro class the race also produced an appealing result after all to end the season!


Team manager Jan Kalmar: “Congratulations to the entire team. We did have some problems again this weekend, but in the end still can take pleasure in a good result. Above all our drivers were struggling with the great heat in the cockpit. On top of that there were problems with the gearbox, a tyre failure, two off-track excursions and hostile contact with a competitor. But we’ve come through all that in one piece today.”


The highlight of the weekend for the Lower Austrian team was the best time in free practice which James Rossiter set in heavy rain and difficult conditions!


Team owner Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer: “The fastest time in difficult conditions has once more shown that handling-wise the Evora is a sensational car and which great potential there is. Unfortunately we’re still lacking in speed. But we can be satisfied with the result of the race.”


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