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Lotus in the Peak
Chatsworth, 8th-10th July 2022

Short Appearence In Italy

Mark H

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ILMC, fourth round at Imola: Lotus Jetalliance out early! Engine failures stop both Lotus Evora GTE.



f20a852890.jpg Jetalliance Lotus Evora GTE




Following the successful outcome the last time out at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Lotus Jetalliance wanted to score points again in the fourth round of the ILMC. But the Autodromo “Enzo e Dino Ferrari” in Imola was no hospitable land for the team from Lower Austria: Both Lotus Evora GTE had to throw in the towel prematurely due to engine failures...




The triumvirate of Mowlem/Rossiter/Hirschi was already affected after just ten laps, a little bit later the working day was over for Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer, who shared a car with Martin Rich and Oskar Slingerland, as well.




A sobering experience for the team owner, but also a comprehensible one: “We had a good run at Le Mans as far as the result was concerned, and we also had a lot planned for this race. But unfortunately we were let down by technology. An event that can always occur with such a developmental project like the one we’re running at the moment. We even allowed for setbacks of that kind beforehand. But then, when they really happen, it’s always cruel, of course”, Lichtner-Hoyer said, who is also looking forward however in a positive way: “The cars will now return to the factory in England, where everything will be thoroughly analysed and where new stages of development will be incorporated. These improvements should then have a positive effect at the next ILMC race in Silverstone.”




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