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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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Heat Shielding To Subframe



The kit comes with a sheet of Nimbus heat shielding, Stark also provide you with a template that can be used to cut the sheet out.


I personally used a combination of the template and measurements that I took myself, although I don't think this is absolutely necessary.


I used a marker pen to detail out the cutting lines and by using a tin cutter, traced out and removed the shape.




I also decided to create a cup to go over the toe link to give them a little bit more protection from the heat. This will only be secured on one side so that it can be bent out of the way for toe-link changes.




Pushed it into place for a quick check, before deciding where to drill for the rivets...




After I was happy with the location, I then drilled a number of holes to receive rivets and washers in securing the shielding into place. 30 Minutes later, I ended up with this...








I am pretty happy with that :(


One more job to do. Cut a little piece and secure it to on the engine bay side of the rear clam. I will bend this into place once the clam is back on the car. It will form a 'cup' over the exhaust manifold.




Happy with that. Job done! :D


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