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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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Long Time !



oops, been too long since i wrote here, i've had 3 different cars in that time... :)


end of nov 05 i got rid of the Focus RS and S2 Exige, got an Evo 8 MR FQ340 with some of the proceeds and put the rest down as deposit on a house, which i have since moved into B)


Evo 8 was mad, very fast, but as the driver you never really felt like part of the action. You could feel the computers altering your course if you were really pressing on. I imagine that going beyond the limit of the computers was a one way ticket to investigating the scenery, so never really pushed that hard. You would have to be doing stupid speeds to achieve that in any event...


March 06, finally tired of the evo doing the driving for me, and was going to get an exige cup240 from NW, although i had issues getting my deposit back from the house i was renting (which i was going to use for the deposit) so decided i would get an elise, was going to just get a 111r but john at NW talked me into the sports racer which is my current Lotus. Sods law played his hand 2 days later and the deposit came back from my rented house, which i wasnt expecting any time soon as my contract wasnt due to expire at the time!!! bugger, oh well theres always next year.


Currently would love to get a 240r or an S exige. the one thing ive missed about the Evo is the massive mid range torque. The NA yota engine in the elise/NA exige doesnt really lend itself to the public road at all with all the power at the top end. I'm sure i will be in a blown exige in the not too distant future, but im enjoying having the lid off at the moment.... also got some house costs coming up....


Also bought an 04 Alfa 147 2.0 as a cheap runaround for work. never owned an alfa before so thought i would give it a whirl, went for a selespeed version despite the bad press the system gets, red leather, bose stereo. It has i have to say has been superb for what i wanted it for. pottering about in city traffic with the odd motorway jaunt thrown in. If you know how to drive the selespeed box you can have some good fun on the backroads. It's no M3 SMG shiftwise, but its not bad, besides i wanted it for pottering about the city, where it is superb....


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