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  1. Hi Matty, good to see your still here, I seem to recall you owned a black s160 more or less the same as the one I had back in the day.... I'd love to still have that car now.... I've kind of come full circle on the Elise/exige debate. I hear you on the gearbox, I've read and watched a few videos about this. I like the idea of the performance and noise of the Exige, but as principally a weekend B road blaster I think I'm better off with a supercharged Elise with the revised gear shift if possible. I never found my last Elise SC to be slow on the road which is where I'll do the bulk of my miles in it. I ran a Mk4 MX5 for a short while. 2 litres and 160bhp, and while it was never what I would describe as fast, you could really push it without worrying that you were going to lose your license or kick the back end out in every bend. So where do you Birmingham area guys go for servicing on in warranty cars? there seem to be no dealers around Birmingham anymore!
  2. Cheers. I live in Bromsgrove, very close to Paul Matty sports cars if you know where that is. I've got holidays and what not coming up second half of June, so am thinking realistically about after then. But if I find something I can't resist in the meantime you never know. I'm still not 100% on the Elise vs Exige thing just yet either. Maybe this weekend I can find some time to go to a dealer that has stock of each and have a nose about. Someone else I know also mentioned the Evora as a compromise between running a lotus and a daily. However, part of the appeal of having a regular daily is being able to leave it parked in places I wouldn't leave a lotus (or any nice car)..... and for the inevitable garden centre/ikea duties that life throws up..... I've done Ikea in the Mustang which was entertaining, I did feel like a bit of a plum loading flat pack into it! I think my usage will mainly be road, but I'd like to think I had something that does work on track as I'd like to get on circuit with it in the medium term. your 2 look good! Exige roadster is an interesting thought!
  3. Cheers for the replies Duncx/Daveb99. Dunc - i echo what Daveb just said about you being on the bring of an Exige lol. It sounds like you’ve a particular affinity for them. Good review you linked to I hadn’t seen that so thanks. I know what you mean on the looks, the elise looks “junior” next to an exige if that makes sense, even though its a downright capable car in itself, and no doubt better on tight technical roads. Daveb - Yes, i was here a long time ago, when i had my first yellow S1, cant believe where the time has gone, scary really. i hear you on the S160 - i had one the very same, pics in my profile if they’re still here after all those years. I guess the extra mass of an exige must show somewhere, and compared to an S1 i imagine the extra few hundred kg is pretty obvious on familiar roads. I have to say having done a bit of reading this weekend, I’m heavily leaning towards a sport 350 exige, subject to driving one and liking it of course! More expensive than the Elise path by quite some margin, but having had 5 elise based products before, i think a V6 exige might be different enough to hold my interest for a while. I quite like the idea of roof off driving, not sure what i think about that in Exige form yet.... In respect of the gearbox, noise I’m ok with. I had an original S1 with a gearbox that was really quite chattery on the overrun (sounded like you’d emptied your pocket change into the gearbox half the time) and an S160 that was a lumpy idling unrefined thing, but great with it. I was more interested in knowing if they have made the shift action more precise, which it sounds like they have. Going to start looking properly at what cars are out there for sale in the next week or so and work out what my plan is and what i actually want to spend to get there. I think i need to get back to having a cheap crappy daily for shopping and work trips, and then a proper car in the garage for weekends and blasts out. My original thought coming into this was to maybe keep the mustang and get an elise sport 220 as well, but i think i’m headed towards crap car for chores, more expensive lotus for weekends/drives out. Cheers for the feedback, its all good food for thought.
  4. Good reply Duncx, Appreciate you taking the time to write all that down. My initial research is leading me down the Exige 350 path i think. Purely on the basis of it having more go, and that the v6 Powertrain would be something I’d not experienced in a Lotus before, i need to have a go in one i think and also refresh my memory on the Elise SC/Sport 220. I’ve had an an 08 Elise SC before, so fairly comfortable that i know what an Elise sport 220 would be like then if its osentisibly similar (aside from the gearshift in the newer cars, which looks to be better). i also stumbled upon the the changes between Exige V6 S and Sport 350, which also look mainly gear change related with the exposed shift mech. I’m sure there are other tweaks. Have to say, i always felt the shift quality in the elise cars and my exige s2 was probably one of its poorest attributes. I found it to be imprecise compared to the sharp feel of the rest of the package. I do like the look of the Elise Cup 250, i imagine they are great fun on track, but i think my usage will be more fast road than track, so i dont really want to be one of those “fake cup” guys with everything super lightweight and then sticking an AC compressor and a radio in it...! Hence the sport 220 being where i’d Probably look if going Elise. So, what is it that leads you to look at Exige 350’s when you’ve previously owned them, and now have a cup 250. What is it you miss? The sound/Powertrain or something else? Interesting stuff. Quite enjoying getting back up to speed to be honest, its a bit like re-connecting with an old friend and catching up on what you’ve missed... Was hoping to get time to go and look at some cars this weekend, but sadly other things have gotten in the way.
  5. Hi Mark! Still here! Glad to see its all still going, site has changed a bit since my last visit!
  6. Well its been 9 years since I sold my last Elise SC and 17 years since I had my first S1 Elise, cant quite believe its been that long. I've been through M BMW's. AMG Mercs and all manner of other stuff since then. Looking back now, cars have been getting dumbed down and heavier and heavier. Nothing seems to quite give the same sense of engagement as fizzing a lightweight small car around, even though some of the cars I've had have been massively quick compared to the lotus's I had, you're never as much part of the driving as you'd like. I watched that episode of Car SOS where they restored that white Elise S1, which despite the tragic end to the episode reminded me of my own S1 from back in the day and how much fun it was to own and tinker with. Secondly, I live about 800 yards from Paul Matty who have what looks to be a mint 135R in the window, and it got me thinking again about having one in my garage. I see that time has been very kind indeed to prices, in fact all of the 5 Lotus cars I had between 2002 and 2010, they would all be worth considerably more today (not considering inflation) than the price I got for them when I sold, particularly sport 160's and S1. I tried to look up some of my old cars to see if they were still around, but most of them seem to have been exported! I'm trundling around in a V8 Mustang at the moment which is a big wallowy cruiser, and an event in its own right in a totally different way to a Lotus, if you can look past tyre and fuel costs its a great daily, cheap to own/tax/service for what it is and loads of room (I dont have kids). I'm currently torn between getting rid of the Mustang and getting an Exige 350 and a cheap runabout for car park/shopping duties, or keeping the Mustang and getting a cheaper Elise SC of some form (if I could find one, they don't seem too common). I like the idea of having an Elise as well as a decent daily driver, but I don't know whether I'd want a bit more power these days and having a shed daily would make it more likely that I'd want to take out the Exige if I went that route. (I had a Focus RS and Exige S2 together back in the day which lead to me not driving the Exige very much at all as the Focus was such a giggle). Either way, I'm lucky enough that its a nice problem to have.... I remember joining MLOC when it was a Yahoo group mailing list (remember those?), back in the days of the old British cars BBS. Hi to anyone that remembers me from those days, although I suspect the membership might well be quite different these days. So for those of you that have driven both an Exige sport 350 and an Elise sport 220, I'd be interested in your thoughts on how much quicker the Exige is in the real world. I need to go and drive the cars myself obviously and see how the game has moved on and if a current Elise sport 220 is much better than the 2008 SC I had or if Im better off looking for an older car.
  7. JohnnyM

    Long Time !

    oops, been too long since i wrote here, i've had 3 different cars in that time... end of nov 05 i got rid of the Focus RS and S2 Exige, got an Evo 8 MR FQ340 with some of the proceeds and put the rest down as deposit on a house, which i have since moved into Evo 8 was mad, very fast, but as the driver you never really felt like part of the action. You could feel the computers altering your course if you were really pressing on. I imagine that going beyond the limit of the computers was a one way ticket to investigating the scenery, so never really pushed that hard. You would have to be doing stupid speeds to achieve that in any event... March 06, finally tired of the evo doing the driving for me, and was going to get an exige cup240 from NW, although i had issues getting my deposit back from the house i was renting (which i was going to use for the deposit) so decided i would get an elise, was going to just get a 111r but john at NW talked me into the sports racer which is my current Lotus. Sods law played his hand 2 days later and the deposit came back from my rented house, which i wasnt expecting any time soon as my contract wasnt due to expire at the time!!! bugger, oh well theres always next year. Currently would love to get a 240r or an S exige. the one thing ive missed about the Evo is the massive mid range torque. The NA yota engine in the elise/NA exige doesnt really lend itself to the public road at all with all the power at the top end. I'm sure i will be in a blown exige in the not too distant future, but im enjoying having the lid off at the moment.... also got some house costs coming up.... Also bought an 04 Alfa 147 2.0 as a cheap runaround for work. never owned an alfa before so thought i would give it a whirl, went for a selespeed version despite the bad press the system gets, red leather, bose stereo. It has i have to say has been superb for what i wanted it for. pottering about in city traffic with the odd motorway jaunt thrown in. If you know how to drive the selespeed box you can have some good fun on the backroads. It's no M3 SMG shiftwise, but its not bad, besides i wanted it for pottering about the city, where it is superb....
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