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Led Fog Lights



For some time now, I have been keen to do two things. Firstly, add a bit of symmetry by adding another revers light, and secondly move the fog light to the where the original reflector light is.


What held up things was the fact that I needed a round LED light that would fit the original reflector recess. Anyway, they finally did it.


Credits: Thanks to Matt C for finally finding the right type of LED required for this application. One of the brighter minds :)


What you need:


1. Drill
2. Wiring loom - red and black
3. Screwdriver
4. Tape, connectors, soldering iron
5. Wiring heat shielding tape or tube
6. Additional reverse light unit (one)
7. LED round fog lights (two) - some now could be found on fleabay, but not sure whether quality ranges depending on the supplier.




The fitting is pretty simple and if you have some very basic electrical understanding and can handle a drill, you would be able to get this done pretty simply.


1. Remove the original fog light and make a wiring loom to extend the reverse light to the foglight location.


2. Install the new reverse light, giving you two reverse lights


3. Make a new wiring loom to extending the fog light feed to the new location, by the two round reflector lights.
















Job done.


It took about two hours end to end with some breaks and taking time getting it all done. I think that the final finish is very good so lets see how long it will last. Some LED units are poorly made and they start dropping out after a while, but we shall see.


As for now, I am pretty pleased.


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