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Uprated Gear Linkage Assembly



As you may have read on the conversion entries, as part of the Stark kit, they provide you with a gear linkage assembly that bolts to the back of the gearbox. You end up having to remove the Honda original assembly, along with the original selection weight.


I have seen the gear cables being routed in two ways.


1. Through the front of the bulkhead and up between the firewall and the engine


2. Through underside of the engine, then up to meet the gear assembly on top of the gearbox housing. This option often retains the original gear selector setup, including the weight.


Mine however, is option 1 as supplied by Stark.


A bit of history:-


Following the original installation some years back, the gear setup was pretty good and always worked well enough for me. However after a year or so, on of the pivot hinges broke whilst out driving, resulting in me limping back home in third.


I attempted a fix for this, which was basically a single bold with a nyloc bolt to hold the hinge in place. This worked to some extend. It was always a battle between stiffness (by making tightening the bolt) and usability ( by loosening the bolt), but it makes the gear selection less precise.


Although this worked for a while, it eventually proved un-workable and proved to be completely unusable :death: . so I needed a solution.


After contacting Stark, they informed me that they now have an uprated version of the gear linkage that uses bigger/ stronger bearings. This, I am told, should resolve all issues and bring back the correct feel.


However, after seeing his post on Seloc, I contact TurboHarry and inquired about his amazing gear linkage. It turns out that this was something that he designed and made and was prepared to sell one to me! :clap:


The pioneer in me could not help but come to an agreement with Harry and he duly sent me one over.i


The original assembly removed...




Harry's setup went pretty much straight in and once the cables were located, it was a matter of messing around with the setup, making minor adjustments all round until the feel/ selection was perfect.


This assembly is a work of art. In fact, it should be on a mantle piece displayed, rather than on a car. Its simply awesome! B):tup:


This is the assembly on the car...




I have now spent some time driving the car with Harry's kit and I can confirm that the car has never felt better. The gear selections are assured, precise and an absolute pleasure to use. I can honestly say, my gear selection has never been better.




Having a stiff and well configured gear selection assembly is critical in ensuring that you get a good gear selection feel. Harry's solution seems to be just about the best out there, when it comes to Honda'd Elises.


Warning: For this level of engineering, the gear assembly is not cheap at all. It's an expensive option, however you will get what you pay for and for that, its still good value.



I am a happy chappie :cheers:


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