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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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Jrsc Installation - The Installation Part 2



Now, this next step is something that will put off a lot of people running with a Stark conversion. To get the charger to fit, it was necessary to cut the bulkhead a bit to get by-pass valve to fit.


The cut is only about two inches by four inches. I used a dremel to cut the bulkhead, but I am sure there are better ways of doing this. Its not the neatest of jobs, but it will be covered up so not too bothered.




Now everything is ready for the charger to be dropped into place.


It should be highlighted that the placing of the charger into location, on a car that is on axle stands, with the boot lid still in place, on your own, is a big ask. The charger is 15kg or more and to lift it clear and drop in place is no easy job. I managed it because I am so fit :P


So, fast forward a few days and several attempts to place the charger in place. A swear word here and there and...





Perfect fit and all aligned...




Carefully and gradually bolt the manifold in place. I ensured that the manifold went in as evenly as possible...




Tighter than a tight thing!! :D




Once In place, from under the car, I bolted the support onto the engine block. Now this should be able to take majority of the loads and the engine moves and worked hard.






Now, the installation is ready for the fuel rail and vacuum hoses.


Almost there!! :)


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