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Rear Wind Screen Seal Replacement

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On my receint motorway trip, I noticed that my rear windscreen rattled a little with the build up of speed. On closer inspection, it seems that the rubber seals have finally given up the ghost!


So, I purchased a replacement seal from EP (at the Malvern show) and set about swapping it over.


Out with the old


After removing the windscreen from the car ( just popped the roll-bar shroud off and slid the glass out), I simply peeled the rubber gasket off and used white spirit and a Brillo pad to soften the glue.


Old gasket coming off




I used the common garden variety white spirit




The Brillo pad helped getting the White spirit onto the old glue




And finished off the job by scraping the remaining glue with the flat end of a Stanley knife.


I then very carefully stuck the new rubber seal to the edge of the glass. I made sure that the new seal followed the old glue line and therefore guaranteed perfect line up.






Detail of the new seal...




Looking pretty good now and ready for re-installation...




I then re-installed the screen back on the car - pretty much the reverse of the removal.


I am pretty happy with the end finish. Good as new!




Total time taken - 15 minutes.


Job done! :afro:

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