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Thanks to AWSC
Morgan V6 Roadster

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Morgan Roadster V6.


Engine 3721cc, DOHC all aluminium cylinder block and head (Ford cyclone) developing 209Kw (280bhp) and 352Nm (300lb/ft) of torque.


Performance 0 – 62mph 5.5 seconds with a top speed of 140mph (225kph). CO2  225g/km


Dry weight 950kg


6 speed manual gearbox


The basic Morgan V6 roadster is available with an on the road cost from £47,126.00, this price includes new car registration & 12 months road tax, full tank of petrol, 2 years manufacturer’s warranty, 12 months breakdown cover, number plates and delivery.


The car tested had the following optional extra’s; power steering, Portland leather interior, metallic paint, stainless wire wheels, mesh grille, over riders, paint protective film, performance seats, leather moto-lita steering wheel, boss and polished horn push with Morgan wings.


On the road price of the car demonstrated £52,373.00


Date of road test; 28th June 2014


How would Morgan’s take on the V6 roadster compare with our Lotus Exige V6 roadster, well the day had finally arrived to find out?


To be honest there is such a void between the two cars, we decided not to try and compare the two, the Morgan is a gentleman’s car, with no frills or additional weight from such items as ICE, AC, CDL, power sockets or even electric windows, a purists car you may think?  With the latest “easy up roof”, there are however a large list of factory options you can have to bespoke your Morgan for that unique and highly personalised feel.  Apparently for those across the pond AC is standard, although I could not see any mention in the brochure/options list for the UK market.


This Morgan is the “most powerful traditionally styled car” with “outstanding performance” you can purchase.


You might therefore assume a lightweight sports car would be extremely satisfying to drive with the top down and the car was relaxed to drive at 60ish, but above this speed there was plenty of wind buffeting.  But hardly a dash to and hold at motorway cruising speeds and yet other road users remembered their road manners and allowed you the courtesy to drive at 60 mph.


The ride and handling are exceptional from a car from the middle of the last century, riding over surface imperfections of the UK roads but never really feeling like a modern car or indeed a sports car, with soft springs that allow the car to ride out the pot holes and not bump into and out of the imperfection, never really communicating that you can put more speed into your drive, the nearest I can describe the ride is like a 1970’s Fiesta, safe and sure!


I suppose you don’t need to plug in a sat nav system when your passenger can get the road map out of the door pocket, and with no boot to talk about although there is some space behind the seats, and there is a rear suitcase rack, that can be purchased from Morgan cars.


Sliding forward the rear portion of the door window for some more wind in the hair motoring, from the “cut away” doors, yes this really is a car from the mid-20th Century, it may have a pedigree V6 engine, but the car really has come from a distant time, no electric hood but two fiddly catches, with an unusual fit around the door window, which makes the early Elise soft top appear futuristic.


Yes you can hold a conversation at 60mph with the top down, but let’s face it, that is all you will be doing. Would you be doing any longish drives in the Morgan, unfortunately for us although we drove the car for over an hour it is not a car that we would want to go any distance in, yes you can drive for a day, but no you would not want to go that far from home, let’s face it you would need to tuck the car in the garage when you settle in for the night with your Horlicks, pipe and slippers. It is as the Morgan brochure states “a car built for the scenic route home”.


You do get to feel that you are driving in the 1950’s and like a gentleman or member of the aristocracy in a Morgan, it is not a 21st century sportscar even with its V6 engine from the Mustang range.


Will we be buying one when we retire and get to drive around Europe for six months taking in the best race circuits the continent has to offer? No, we will probably be looking at the Evora S with IPS or whatever Lotus replaces the superb Evora with?


IMHO, the Morgan would make a nice car to have in your collection and for a nice mid-morning Sunday drive out but it’s not for us at this moment in time.


A big thank you to John at Allon White Sports Cars, AWSC are a Morgan Cars Main Dealer and a Lotus Cars Service Centre; for allowing us the opportunity of driving the Morgan roadster V6.



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