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P4N Lotus

How Long Before You Can't Tell A Game Isn't Real?

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Ok i'll elaborate...


I've played them all extensively, all the way from the original Grand Prix by Geoff Crammond to Assetto Corsa and rFactor2. I haven't tried project cars yet so I can't comment on that, but of every other racing simulation i've tried iRacing is the closest thing to replicating actual driving dynamics.


rFactor comes pretty close but to me doesn't feel as reaslistic to play. Assetto Corsa is nice to look at but still has a long way to go in terms of dynamics in my opinion.


iRacing is online only, although you can practice off line to your hearts content. Its not the kind of thing you can just dip in and out of though, it takes a fair bit of practice to get seriously quick. Unfortunately I don't have the time to be a front runner as I do only dip into it, but when I do i'm generally within a second of the front runners pace within a handful of laps, it then takes me a few hours of practice to shave the tenths off. I've won a fair few races but its not easy at all.


I have a pretty quick PC hooked up to a 40" tv and play with a G27 with all the graphics turned to full on iracing and I think it looks pretty stunning.


This is a little clip I did about a year ago of me having a play in a V8 supercar.



I try to avoid recommending one game because their are many factors that make up the dynamics of a game and I don't think one game ticks all the boxes for everyone. As I said previously, If multiplayer racing is your thing then undoubtedly iracing is the game for you. However, graphic wise things have moved on considerably in both the modern games and the modern PC's. Personally, I like to flip flop between two or three games depending on how I feel.


Below I have posted a couple of my video's that show Project Cars and Assetto Corsa running more towards the top end of their graphic performance (however, even Project cars has some graphics settings turned down because my setup has trouble running it). I should also mention that both of these games are still in Beta so their are things that are not quite right yet (like the car crashing on Assetto Corsa).


BTW - These Video's are 1080p so you can run then at full screen Hi def if you have the broadband



Project Cars - 1978 BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 at Monza




Assetto Corsa - Lotus Exige Scura at Joux Plane (fictional Track)



As you can see, it doesn't end to well for the Exige!


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