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  1. "When you slip you don't grip" and "give it a poke and you'll make the rear tighten"
  2. So for scattys birthday a few of us from MLOC decided to have a day out to Donington with BookaTrack's Caterham slalom experience and challenged each other to see who was the best out of us. Day was really fun started off with debrief and intro followed by a day of putting in fastest times then being told where we're needed to improve. Jeff got a little carried away with doing burnouts and smoking up all tyres under braking. Kieran, Alex and Luke took videos so hopefully they will post up. The day is really worth doing for any car enthusiast and if you do a group it makes it even more fun. Day included lunch and drinks throughout the day. So our group results... 1st - Luke 2nd - Paul (3rd overall) 3rd - Kieran 4th - Jeff 5th - Alex 6th - Scatty 7th - Rachel
  3. Hi All, I am promoting a classical concert at Donington Park call "Donington Live" on Sunday 4th September from 4pm-9pm featuring Aled Jones, Laura Wright, Collabro, Military Wives Choir and a fifty piece orchestra, followed by a firework display. I'm looking to push this out and drum up a bit more bookings so if anyone is interested in the event drop me an email paul.nichol@donington-park.co.uk or 01332 819515 if you are business owner and want to do a bit of corporate social event for this happy to discuss with you. Tickets are on general sale are £15 per person and the website is www.doningtonlive.co.uk should you be interested.
  4. If a car has no write off from insurers, then it's not a write off. It's not rocket science , sounds like someone got cold feet when buying to me
  5. See his top gear column
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