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  1. Hi mate

    Was that you this morning, and most mornings come to that, driving through Castle Donington? I was in a red Cayman and flashed you:) Your Evora is looking and sounding nice

    I used to have an Elise S2 and if it is you I have met you a couple of times at various meets over the years. Gone to the dark side now with the Cayman but loving the flat six sound!




  2. Common' summer where are you

  3. 4-2-1 manifold and Sports cat done! :-D can feel the difference

  4. frustrated with waiting for my upgrade :-(

  5. tempted to get the K6

  6. Disapointed! 4 days on and im still waiting for Monster Motorsport to quote me on a basic job, dont they want my money???

  7. P4N Lotus

    Paul Nichol

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