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Larini Clubsport On Exige S260

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As the title , anyone run this , if so what's the sound like etc

Cheers mark


I can not comment on the sound of a Larini when fitted to an Exige but I ran the Larini Clubsport on my old Elise S2 K series with a hurricane air intake and it was a fantastic sound ( IMO ) a really deep, throaty burble and the build quality was superb a real thing of beauty!!

I was very keen on fitting one to my Exige 240S, however one thing that has prevented me from doing it, is that my standard set up currently puts out around 93/94 decibles at 3/4 revs. The Elise with Larini put out a simliar level, so I am fairly confident that if I was to fit the Larini to my Exige it would preclude me from low noise track days like Bedford etc etc which has put me off buying one. The Larini sport is quieter but still would be close on decible levels IMO.

If you have no desire to do trackdays I would get one tomorrow!!

HTH a bit.


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