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Dr H

Audi Cam.......god Help Us All!

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The OH just got this from the Audi dealer she takes her car to:

Following your recent visit to our workshop, our records show that
work we identified as advisory may now be ready to be undertaken.
We will carry out a complimentary health check on your vehicle to
assess whether the work is now required.

To book your A3 , please call us on
01827 489272, or email mailto:service@tamworthaudi.co.uk?subject=Enquiry if you would like
us to call you back. Please include your preferred contact method so
we can get in touch.

When work is required on your Audi, we won't just tell you, we'll
show you. The new Audi Cam is an industry-leading service that
allows you to watch video clips of your vehicle online. Contact us
to find out more.

Jesus H Christ - what marketing genius came up with this shite!

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Actually I think this is a great idea.


I could give you long list of examples where people I know have had faults identified by main dealers, only to find that they weren't an issue when verified by a 3rd party. When I have a service I automatically decline and "problem" repairs they identify unless I can view it for myself. A system like this would actually make me more likely to use a dealer.


OK, you could argue that they could use the same "clips" to fake faults on several cars but if the clip starts with the outside view of the car and then is zoomed into the fault that would be ideal.

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