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Fuel Installation 2 - Swirl Pot

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I chose to start the work on the fuel system before tackling the supercharger.




1. Fuel hoses

2. Fuel pump ( Bosch 044)

3. Wiring/ cables

4. Relay

5. Swirl Pot

6. 3.5 Fuel Pressure Regulator

7. Fittings


Swirl Pot


I decided in going for a two litre swirl pot, but I have read somewhere that you can get away with anything down to 0.5 of a litre.




I chose to locate mine on the firewall, lower left hand side of the engine bay, where the charcol canister used to be. This is where I previously installed the fuel filter during the original engine swap.


1. I removed the fuel filter from its mounts and drilled out the rivets holding down the brackets.





2. I then marked the four holes required to secure the new Swirlpot on the firewall.


3. I then drilled out the four holes ready to receive rawnuts (rubber)






4. Once in position, it was just a matter of screwing it in place and job done.




Note: If I was to do this again, I would install some connectors on the swirlpot to allow easier installation of the fuel hoses. As it was, it took great effort to get the hoses pushed in far enough on the various outlets/ inlets.


Otherwise, its looking pretty good and the secured.



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only just noticed you were blogging your build again I have a yota so not relevant to me but I love all the technical details. Any updates?

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Indeed Sir. Most of the updates are in now. If you enjoy them, please leave a positive mark!

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