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Mark H
Mark H

Movie Stars, Debutants, And F1® Competitors – And That’S Just The Cars

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Festival fever is in the air as Lotus gears-up for this year’s

Goodwood Festival of Speed.

An epic year that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the now world-famous ‘FoS’ will see Lotus

displaying an array of treats for the thousands of motoring enthusiasts, F1 fans and garden-party go-ers

making their way to Goodwood this weekend.

Lotus has chosen the Festival of Speed as the perfect backdrop for the dynamic launch of the Exige S

Roadster and will also be presenting the 2013 Lotus F1® Team’s black and gold E21, the brand new

Elise S Club Racer and the very same Exige S that performed high octane stunts in this summer’s

eagerly anticipated blockbuster movie ‘RED 2’. This collection of superstars sits alongside a full

compliment of current Lotus models for a truly exotic turnout.

Beautiful, Bold, Black and Gold

This year, Lotus proudly displays a replica of the 2013 Lotus F1® Team car, but just to go that extra mile

(it’s Lotus after all), Lotus F1® Team driver Romain Grosjean will be making an appearance too!

Romain will be driving Lotus COO Aslam Farikullah ‘up the hill’ in the brand new Exige S Roadster in it’s

maiden public voyage on Saturday to mark the official launch of the fastest soft-top Lotus ever! Romain

will also be busy with further runs in the Roadster on both Saturday and Sunday and of course will be

taking to the hill in the real E21! Between F1® and Supercar hill climbs Romain will be making an

exclusive appearance on the Lotus stand to take questions from fans and sign autographs at 3.30pm on

Saturday and 4pm on Sunday.

When Less is Definitely More… If Less Weight and More Power is Your Thing!

Making its global debut at Goodwood is

the brand new Elise S Club Racer.

Following the hugely popular ‘Club

Racer’ variant on Lotus’ entry level 1.6

litre Elise, the lighter-weight, enthusiast

orientated package is now available on

the supercharged 1.8 litre Elise S.

The Club Racer concept comprises

funky colour schemes, the innovative

application of materials and enhanced

driving dynamics and performance, all

of which make for a compelling

purchase for Lotus purists and track

day enthusiasts.

Achieving a maximum 20kg weight

reduction over the standard Elise S, the Club Racer boasts an improved power to weight ratio delivering

240bhp per tonne, it accelerates to 60mph from standing in 4.2 seconds, and reaches a top speed on

145 mph – in short, it’s a little animal!

Those in the market for a Lotus will know that what matters most is how the Elise S Club Racer feels to

drive; it goes without saying that the Club Racer is developed with Lotus’ legendary dynamic

performance. The Elise range, now extending to its 4th variant delivers thrilling driving dynamics thanks

to Lotus’ trademark agile and precise handling. Communication is key here; the Elise S Club Racer

delivers plenty of feedback so that the driver has optimum control and can intuitively deploy nimble

steering and acutely accurate braking.

Real enthusiasts can even manage to reduce the weight of the Elise S Club Racer a further 8kg by

specifying track-use, dealer-fit options such as a TRD air box and filter element and a sports exhaust.

The stripped-out, race inspired Elise S Club Racer benefits from both a weight-reduction initiative and

the extra power of a supercharger, it’s a compelling proposition for sportscar fans; it is quick, goodlooking

and most of all – fun to drive!

A Celebrity of Epic Proportions; The Small but Mighty Exige S Holds Its Own on the Big Screen.

Tipped at this summer’s smash-hit movie release ‘RED 2’, the sequel to ‘RED’ (Retired Extremely

Dangerous), stars a host of brilliant performers; Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Catherine

Zeta-Jones, Sir Anthony Hopkins and the Lotus Exige S. The action follows retired secret agents who

reunite to expose an intriguing and deadly conspiracy from their past; avoiding double agents and

assassins along the way! The hotly anticipated sequel features a massive A-List cast, stunning

locations and a Laser Blue Exige S which undertakes high speed chases, dodges bullet storms and

slides its way through London’s streets, markets and motorways.

As a special exhibit for the 2013 Goodwood FoS, one of three cars used for the movie will be on display

on the Lotus stand dressed in its original stunt ‘costume’. Yes, the Exige S will don its special effect

bullet holes and war-wounded body panels once again exclusively for the Goodwood audience.

The Exige S can be seen in ‘RED 2’ in cinemas internationally from 18th July (UK release 2nd August),

but if you simply can’t wait to see Lotus Chief Engineer of Test and Development, Matthew Becker drive

the Exige S in complex stunt sequences performing handbrake turns, high speed chases and some

pretty full on braking then check out the trailer online: The scenes are high octane with a truly British

feel, which echo the Lotus spirit and sit well remarkably well with the FoS philosophy too!



Don’t Miss…

Lotus will be showcasing the Evora S Sports Racer in the Supercar Paddock throughout the Goodwood

Festival of Speed with The Exige S Roadster in the ‘First Glance’ exhibition. Both Lotus cars will run

twice daily in the legendary ‘Goodwood Hillclimb’. Don’t miss this truly amazing spectacle!

Brimming with innovation, technology, performance and power, the Lotus Evora 414E technology

demonstrator shows some of the headline technologies that Lotus Engineering, one of the world’ s

leading automotive engineering consultancies has developed. The Evora 414E will be on display in the

‘FoS Tech’ exhibition.

Back on the Lotus stand, Lotus Originals will be open for business throughout the weekend with a

selection of Lotus Originals luxury apparel, luggage, accessories, gifts and collectables as well as the

Lotus F1® Team replica team wear in the iconic black and gold scheme.

Further Lotus Cars displays on the main stand include:

• Evora S Sports Racer

• Elise S Club Racer

• Elise 1.6

• Exige S Roadster

• Exige S Coupe

• Exige V6 Cup

• Evora GT4

• F1® Show car in 2013 ‘Kimi’ livery

Fuel consumption for Exige S; Urban 19.5 mpg – 14.5 litres / 100km. Extra urban 37.2

mpg – 7.6 litres / 100km. Combined – 28.0 mpg – 10.1 litres / 100km.

CO2 emissions 236g CO2 / km.

Fuel consumption for Elise S:urban 27.3 mpg – 10.3 litres / 100km. Extra urban 47.6

mpg – 5.9 litres / 100km. Combined – 37.5 mpg – 7.5 litres / 100km.

CO2 emissions 175g CO2 / km.


Notes to editors:

More information on the Lotus F1® Team stand appearances:

Romain Grosjean will be on the Lotus stand for an open Q&A session and to sign autographs for fans

on the following basis:

Saturday 15.30 hrs Hosted by F1® Commentator David Croft

Sunday 16.00 hrs Hosted by F1® Commentator Jonathan Legard

More information on the Elise S Club Racer:

• 6 paint colour options including 4 new colours to the Club Racer family all of which are exclusive

to the Elise S Club Racer. Aspen White, Carbon Grey, Chrome Orange*, Toxic Green*, Daytona

Blue* and Formula Red* (*exclusive to Elise S Club Racer.)

• ‘Black Style’ pack as standard

• Matt Black paint feature panels; Roll hoop cover, rear transom panel and mirror pods

• Elise S Club Racer logos

• Unique seat and interior details


Prices below are an illustration of pricing structures in selected markets only.

Elise S Club Racer Elise S

UK (incl VAT) £35,600 GBP £36,200 GBP

EU (Excl Taxes) €37,500 Euros €39,202 Euros

More information on RED 2

Retired black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses (Willis) reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a

global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device.

Lotus Cars Limited provided 3 cars for filming in the UK during the winter of 2012. This was a free

product placement negotiated on the basis that the Exige S has dramatic looks, agile performance and

overall star-quality.

• Director: Dean Parisot

• Writers: Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber

• Stars: Mary-Louise Parker, Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins,

John Malkovich and Byung-hun Lee

Sample global release dates:

Australia 18-Jul-2013

Belgium 31-Jul-2013

China 01-Aug-2013

France 31-Jul-2013

Germany 12-Sep-2013

Hong Kong 01-Aug-2013

Italy 08-Aug-2013

Malaysia 25-Jul-2013

Switzerland 12-Sep-2013

Switzerland 31-Jul-2013

United Kingdom 02-Aug-2013

United States 19-Jul-2013

More information on the Evora 414E

A highly advanced, hybrid sports car concept developed as part of a cutting-edge collaborative R&D

project funded by the UK’s Innovation Agency, The Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

• 0-60 mph / 97 km/h in 4.4 seconds

• 1000 Nm (738 lbft) of Torque

• 414 PS (408 hp)

• Top speed 130 mph (209 km/h)

• Target EU emissions drive cycle of just 55 g CO2 / km

• Total hybrid range of over 300 miles / 483 kilometres

• Eco mode or Sports mode featuring realistic 7 speed paddle shift with energy recuperation.

• Next generation of Lotus and HARMAN intelligent pedestrian warning system, integrating the

advanced HALOsonic sound synthesis system with video technology.

• Torque vectoring for improved dynamic stability

The Evora 414E is powered by two electric motor packs driving the rear wheels with a battery pack that

can be charged by the Lotus range extender engine or directly from mains electricity. The Lotus 3

cylinder engine, can run on either sustainable synthetic and bio alcohol fuels (methanol and ethanol) or

petrol sits in series with the electric motor and drives a generator, which produces electrical energy to

either charge the battery pack or power the electric motors directly. In normal driving, the Evora 414E

will run purely on electricity stored in the battery pack for up to 35 miles (56 km). After that time, the 1.2

litre engine will run to recharge the batteries and produce just 55 g CO2 / km emissions (target EU drive


Should the driver require more performance – the Evora 414E is a Lotus after all - the electricity will

come from both the battery storage and the small range extender engine.

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