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Mark H
Mark H
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Lotus paints Hethel green and yellow at 70 th anniversary party

Lotus’ official 70th anniversary celebration held in Hethel,
Norfolk on Saturday 29th September 2018
• 8,000 Lotus owners and enthusiasts attended, with
another 8,000 joining the online live streams
• 1,600 Lotus cars returned home to Lotus in Norfolk
• Secret concours awarded to ex-Fréquelin/Todt Sunbeam Lotus
rally car
• Road cars, race cars, rally cars and even pursuit bicycles on
• Grand finale saw 700 cars take to Hethel track in celebration

Marking its 70th anniversary, Lotus held a spectacular event to commemorate the significant
milestone of founder Colin Chapman’s first Lotus, built in 1948.
The home of Lotus in Hethel hosted 8,000 Lotus owners and enthusiasts from all over the
world, as well as 1,600 Lotus cars of all eras. From the Team Lotus F1 race cars to the rally
Sunbeam Lotus, Lotus Cortina all the way to the present line-up of Evora, Exige and Elise,
there were Lotus road and competition cars of all ages present.
Group Lotus Plc’s CEO Mr. Feng Qingfeng presented the company’s vision to the crowds
present and viewers online. As well as leading the anniversary track procession, he also
personally revealed two bespoke Lotus Exclusive Evora GT410s, both in heritage
livery.Speaking at the event, Group Lotus Plc’s CEO, Mr. Feng Qingfeng said: “Today has
been an amazing day of celebration. To have met so many Lotus owners and enthusiasts,
and understand their passion for our brand is truly inspiring. We are committed to our home
in Norfolk, and there’s no place better to gather and remember what Lotus stands for and
what makes it so special as a leading automotive marque. To have so many of our cars
return home has really made the day, and I’d like to thank everyone for their help and
support, both now and in the future, as we grow and develop the business.”
Lotus’ 70th anniversary in numbers
For the first time ever, fans from all over the world were able to watch online via the live
streams on YouTube as well as Facebook Live and other social media channels. With over
8,000 viewers catching all the action on the web, a further 8,000 were there on the sold out
day to celebrate Lotus and its 70th anniversary.
The live stream and social channels used #Lotus70 to share top moments throughout the
day, and both the YouTube chat and Facebook Live feeds were filled with anecdotes and
praise for Lotus during its 70th anniversary event.

Largest gathering of Lotus cars ever seen
The day saw the largest ever collection of Lotus cars assembled. With 1,600 cars arriving to
the Hethel site, it was a special way to mark the 70th anniversary.
The British marque invited owners to showcase some of their pride and joys to celebrate.
From a heritage Lotus Mark VI to the latest Lotus Evora GT430s, ex-rally Sunbeam Lotus’
and immaculate Lotus Cortinas, there was something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.
Seven decades of Lotus on track
Presenting some of the racing team’s legendary F1 cars, responsible for Lotus’ 13 world
championships: including seven constructors and six drivers totalling 81 race victories,
Classic Team Lotus wowed the crowds with demonstration runs, allowing enthusiasts to
witness the sights and the sounds of the cars in action.
Highlights included the DFV-powered Lotus 49 designed by Colin Chapman and Maurice
Philippe for the 1967 F1 season and the famed 1978 Lotus 79, the first F1 car to take full
advantage of ground effect aerodynamics, not to mention the iconic 1966 Lotus 43.


The audience in the grandstands also cheered as they saw Lotus’ professional drivers
smoke up the tarmac in an Evora GT410 Sport, an Exige Sport 410 and the Elise Sport
220. With the addition of smoke bombs in Lotus green and yellow, it was a fitting spectacle
for the crowds and online viewers.
The Jim Clark Special Edition Evora GT410 Sport
Also on display was the 100,000th Lotus ever built. Previously announced at Goodwood
Festival of Speed, the Jim Clark Trust’s Lotus Evora GT410 Sport was showcased during

the anniversary event. Created by Lotus Exclusive, the Evora GT410 Sport had been
reimagined in the livery of Jim Clark’s famous Lotus Elan. Finished in red and silver, visitors
were able to buy tickets to win the car in a special raffle on the day. More details on how to
win can be found at www.jimclarklotus.com.
700 cars lap the Hethel track to commemorate 70 years of Lotus
Celebrating 70 years of Lotus, the British marque hosted the largest parade of Lotus sports
cars ever seen on the Hethel track. A finishing flourish to a special day, 700 cars and their
owners were part of the anniversary parade that will go down in Lotus’ history books.

Poignant for all Lotus owners that took part, the procession included the very latest models
as well as the historically important Lotus Mark VII and even a Sunbeam Lotus and a Lotus
Carlton. Led by Group Lotus Plc’s CEO Mr. Feng Qingfeng, in a Lotus Eleven driven by
Clive Chapman, the car which was once owned by his father, Colin Chapman. The Eleven
of Qingfeng/Chapman was followed by an Evora GT430 and a GT410 Sport in hot pursuit.

Lotus Bikes and owners’ clubs
Amidst all the four-wheeled fun, Lotus’ two wheel achievements were recognised with a
display from the 110 Lotus Bike Club, showing both the Lotus Engineering 108 and 110
bikes in action.

Lotus owners’ clubs were also on hand with static displays of their own. Showcasing some
of the most incredible and sought-after models of Lotus’ past and present line-up, 14
owners clubs and members from all over the world were part of the display.
In addition, a secret concours competition took place with online influencer Sam Fane,
otherwise known as Seen Through Glass. Sam, in secret, judged all of the cars on site. A
tricky decision, Sam finally awarded a Sunbeam Lotus of Fréquelin/Todt fame as his
Lotus legends
Joining the 8,000 attendees on site were a range of Lotus legends – the people that made
Lotus what it is today – all with their own stories to tell on the live broadcast feed.
Interviewed throughout the day, viewers saw famous Lotus alumni such as Mike Kimberley,
Bob Dance, as well as Elisa Artioli, all telling anecdotes and their own Lotus memories. It
gave viewers online and attendees on the day a glimpse into Lotus’ past through the eyes
of those who created its history.








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  • Thoughts on my new motor - NLC

    Collected the Aston Vantage today. Drove it from Macclesfield to Buxton over the 'Cat and Fiddle' and then down the A515 to Ashbourne and then back home. So about 55 miles. Initial thoughts:

    Ride quality is brilliant. Looking through the paperwork I've found out it actually has the 'sport pack' fitted which was an AM aftermarket upgrade. I knew it has the lightweight forged N400 wheels on but didn't realise it also had uprated Bilstein shocks and springs. OK on really bad surfaces it's a little bit harsh but otherwise it's great. Apparently the new(ish) Pilot Sport 4S tyres it has on also help a lot.

    Steering is pretty direct. It's no Lotus but it goes where you point it and doesn't feel as heavy as it actually is - 1600kg!! Bit heavy at parking speeds but fine once you are rolling along.

    Very quiet inside the cabin and comfortable too. I have the earlier seats as it's a 2006 MY car. The later ones were supposed to be an improvement but I like mine. I think they are slimmer which for someone skinny like me actually means they grip you better. Good driving position and very good visibility all round I reckon.

    How you get it to do 0-60 in 4.9 secs I have no idea. It feels dead slow when you are starting off and the long accelerator and heavy flywheel mean it seems to take an age to wind up. It's actually very docile and easy to drive slowly. To get it to feel fast you need to get it over 3.5-4k revs and it then comes alive and starts feeling fast(ish).

    Gearbox is pretty nice. A tiny bit notchy but overall it's good. Feels like it will get a bit smoother with technique as you get used to it. Clutch is heavy and hill starts are difficult - the smell of burning clutch was testament to this! The fact mine is biting quite high didn't help. I know it will wear eventually, just a matter of time.

    Reverse gear is a nightmare! Far too high, why they set it up like this I have no idea! Apparently the technique it so not use the accelerator at all and let the idle control deal with the small amount of throttle needed.

    I think the interior might have been worked on by someone from Lotus . A few creaks (moving leather) and a few rattles. On the way back the TPMS box fell out from behind the glove box and is now hanging down in the passenger footwell.

    Oh and it is very thirsty. Speed limits were all 50mph on the way back, lots of cameras (some average speed), lots of other traffic, artics and the like. So it was really an economy run and it did an average of 23mpg

    Overall it's a great GT car that looks and sounds awesome and feels pretty well screwed together. A lighter flywheel and a smidge more power would make it feel a lot quicker........

    Dr H
    Dr H
    General Talk 6

    Caffeine & Machine

    Just been down to Caffeine & Machine, near Stratford for some lunch. They've been open since October but I only just found out about them. http://www.caffeineandmachine.com/ Absolutely superb. My 99 Elise was one of the least interesting cars in the car park. Several other Lotus there, all newer, including an Elise S3. Were those anyone on here? Would be a great location for a South Midlands meet.  

    99 Elise
    99 Elise
    General Talk 7

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    This is the build thread for my Lister Bell Stratos. It will be a long and arduous thread I'm sure!

    I want to build something like this:

    Lister Bell is a small company near Newark that build a Stratos replica kit called the STR. The owner is ex-Ultima and ex Gardner Douglas. http://www.listerbell.com/

    Steel spaceframe chassis:

    GRP body.

    It's a very comprehensive kit:

    Aluminium uprights, double wishbone front suspension, custom exhaust with built in cats, replica 'coffin spoke' alloys, air con and lots of other nicely made bits.

    Although they do a version that will use a Ferrari V8 and a version that takes the Yota V6 (a la Evora / Exige) the most popular choice is the Alfa V6 in either 2.5, 3.0 or 3.2 guise.

    So the main donor in most cases is an Alfa 156, or 166. You need the engine, gearbox, wiring loom, ECU, and some other bits and bobs.

    The secondary donor car is a Fiat X1/9! This is used for door handles, body catches, door catches, steering column and stalks and a few other bits.

    I've placed an order on a chassis which currently has a 12 month waiting list. So in the meantime I purchased this beauty for £450:

    Mainly for this:

    It's got 156k on it and the gear shift is really bad. But no matter as the plan is to have the whole thing rebuilt. The plan is:

    Strip and check all tolerances on engine
    Skim head to raise compression
    New head gaskets etc.
    Bores and pistons checked. New rings or more if needed.
    New big ends and small ends (if needed but apparently they never wear out).
    Cams reprofiled to higher lift
    New cambelts and re-time cams (standard pulleys are adjustable).
    Gas flow the head and clean and lap valves if needed.
    Fit remote oil cooler (prob laminova)
    New water pump, thermostat, air con pump, alternator, etc. etc.
    Ultimately ITBs but might just get the car going first and then do the ITBs as an upgrade.

    Strip and check gearbox, replace any worn pats and install a Quaiffe LSD

    Remove dual mass flywheel and clutch. Fir GTA clutch and solid flywheel. All balanced to the engine.

    And whatever else I see fit to do. With a standard Alfa ECU, gas flowed head, hotter cams and an induction kit it should raise the power form 230 is to 280 or more.

    I'm going to try and get all this done in time for the arrival of the chassis next sept.

    I've also started to buy X1/9 bits and so far have:

    2 pairs of targa roof catches (used as clam catches on the Stratos) - £135 second hand!

    Steering column and control stalks - £35

    Steering column upper and lower cowls - £14

    Now need a lot of other bits

    Once all the bits I need are out of the Alfa I'll be trying to make some bag by selling bits of it. Interior is full leather with heat and electric. Front callipers a 4 pots and worth a bit apparently. Tow bas and electrics must be worth a few quid too.

    The aim is to end up with something like this:

    So watch this space over the next.............................2 years :lol

    I'm sad to say the 340R will be going at some point to help fund this and give some space in the garage. I've had it 9 years and think it's time to move one. It will be a sad day when I decide to let it go though :cry . But I might paint the Startos green in tribute (y)

    Dr H
    Dr H
    General Talk 483

    Any meets in the West Midlands area?

    So I've been scanning the events forum from time to time hoping to see something happening vaguely near me, but nothing ever does.  Are there not many members in the West Midlands? I'm talking Worcester, Evesham, South Birmingham area.  I'd like to start using my car a bit more, but driving all the way to the East Midlands just to start a run or meet is a bit much when I have family commitments to take into account, the Peak District is out of the question for a casual run out. Anybody interested in such a thing?

    General Talk 6

    If you didn't drive a lotus......

    As possionate lotus fans it's hard to imagine not driving one of norfolks finest. But if the brand didn't exist what car do you think you would be driving  

    Polls 15
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    Mark H
    Mark H
    We wish you Merry Driftmas and a Hethel New Year


    Mark H
    Mark H
    We wish you Merry Driftmas and a Hethel New Year


    Mark H
    Mark H
    We wish you Merry Driftmas and a Hethel New Year


    Mark H
    Mark H
    We wish you Merry Driftmas and a Hethel New Year


    Mark H
    Mark H
    We wish you Merry Driftmas and a Hethel New Year
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