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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024

What Colours Your Car


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mine is ruby red, I would love a purple one though :)


but on % of car colours its the same colour as my clio and hubby just bought an A3 and lo and behold the one he found with the required bells & whistles is again the same shade of red :blink:

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My S2 is in Burnt Orange - not too many aroound


My old 111S S2 was Starlight Black - both sourced both for colour and reliability. Would never own a green car ( unless Krypton/Scandal) as a dark green car is considered unlucky, + not easy to see on the roads

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I reckon you buy a Lotus to drive first, but also to look at. I love the way my s2 elise looks, inside and out. I respond to it in a similar way to how I responded to cars I liked as a kid and I like that. I remember a mates dad who lived on my street had a wedge Elite and later on the guy next door to him had various Lotuses including Esprits and Elan sprints. I loved them all. I even had a ride in an Esprit and an Elan.

Sorry to go off topic with my reminiscences! You can see why I love my car so much cant you?

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