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Hi all,

My new (to me) 220 Cup has AD08's on the rear, but the previous owner put AO52's (195's) on the front - apparently due to AD08's being unavailable anywhere. The car has '250 cup' wheels that will happily take the wider width.

I'm still finding my feet with the car, but I'm sure I've managed to 'unsettle' the back end a few times a little easier than I did on previous 111r.

Is this due to the increased grip at the front end? Are AO52's grippier than AD08's? And being a little wider?

Would you:

A, Put AD08's on the front
B, Put AO52's on the rear
C, Just wait until 1st pair wears out? (Will prob be the rears 1st)

I have 2 track days booked so far Oct/Nov, so a mixture of usage.



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So your going to have greater turn in,(thats good on track) that certainly may make the back feel a little unsettled as you say, ADo8's need heat in them to get the best out of them so probably better on track than road, given the car and age I expect it could also benefit from a full Geo set up, I had mine done at PJS, money well spent,  personally I would get a bit of wear out of the ADo8' then change them for52's neither tyres will clear water very well so will be twitchy in the wet

if your budget can stretch to it  a set of wheels with winter tyres might be a good idea something like  Yokohma's  advan sport v105's

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Thanks for the info Ray. I now think 250 Cups actually come with 52’s as standard, so I guess I’ll chuck 52’s on the rears next at some point.

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Just put a full set of 52,s on mine Mark found them fine so far but not driven in the wet! As Ray says I’m looking for a winter set ether PS4 or 105 

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On my 220 Cup I have R888Rs on the factory wheels which I use when it's warm and dry. I have a second set of wheels with Yoko Advan Sport V105s which I use if it's wet or cool, so quite a bit of the time in blighty 🤣. I ummed and ahh'd for a while about a second set of wheels tyres but am pleased I did as I feel more confident going out in less than perfect conditions than on semi slicks. A set of Team Dynamics wheels popped up tonight on the Elise, Exige parts Facebook group for £450.

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