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Paint Shop Recommendation

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Currently refurbishing my S2 Elise, the car has some small areas of paint bubbling and a bit of low level damage to the front clam and I will be looking to have the complete car painted in the near future. As lots of places are currently busy I thought I’d make contact with a few and look to possibly the car booked in for later in the year.

Looking for recommendations ideally in the Notts/Leics/Derby area?

I have found a couple that do get good reviews for Lotus work, both a little bit further away, interested to hear if anyone has used either of these:



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Hi Nick 

id suggest you go speak with the guys at Central Lotus (Adam in Service)), they have a paint shop and quoted me £3k plus vat to completely repaint my old S2 Exige! They currently have a 190 in the showroom they just repainted if you want to see the quality, I’d visit soon though as I think it’s now sold 

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Heard really good things about Option 1 but I believe they are likely to be at the higher end of any quotes you get. 

keeping an eye on this thread as I need to get my Exige painted.  


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Posted (edited)

Cheers for the replies.

Central Lotus may be a good option, if I remember correctly there is a paint shop behind the ‘showroom’, don’t think it’s part of Central but may be the one they use.

Called into Paintworx in Loughborough yesterday, seemed to be quite knowledgeable, although they tend to specialise in the custom van type of work so not sure how much experience they have with fibreglass.
He said around £2.5k to prep and full respray if I strip the lights etc before hand, which wouldn’t be a problem as both clams are currently off the car.


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