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Ashover Classic Show on Sunday 17th

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For all you folks who live in the Chesterfield area, it's Ashover Classic Show tomorrow 18th July. If previous years are anything to go by it should be a very good show, well worth a look. It really should be called a Classic and Sportscar show as there is usually all sorts of interesting stuff there - if you turn up in your Lotus make sure you enter and park in the exhibitors area , makes mooching around the show much nicer. There's usually some autojumble stalls and craft stalls etc too. Costs £8 to get in and the weather is looking spectacular!


I will be there until mid afternoon in my old kitcar (if it makes it :lol: ) so if you spot the car come and say hello.


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Can highly recommend this event, I went to 2017 event and promised myself I must go again but what with COVID and other reason not had the opportunity as yet. Fantastic selection of cars old and new. Can not make this year, we have a party for our daughter’s engagement. Would have been great to bump into Duncx and finally get to see his kit car and chat Emira lol. A few pics from 2017.





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Where was that baby Elan?

I saw the red Exige (and had a chat to the owner about LitP), + a red Sports Racer 111R, + a grey S2 Elise from a distance (Dean I think!) and my mate went in his S2 baby elan soft top.

Great show but insanely hot and we had to leave at around 1.00, my kit car was seriously complaining on the way home with the hot conditions, there were times when I thought I wasn't going to make it back - all part of the fun :lol:




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Hi Dunc,

                 We must have literally just missed you, as we arrived just after 1pm. Which is a pity, as I would have loved to have seen your kit car. The baby Elan was about three rows up from the red  Exige. It was a pity there was very little shade. Certainly will look forward to attending next year. 😊

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On 19/07/2021 at 21:19, Luke Seagrave said:

It was a great car show, incredibly hot though. Thought I would share some images (Image Copyright:Luke Seagrave) 





I went along but had to leave early which was a shame. The yellow Elite must have got there after I left, which is a shame

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5 hours ago, DeanB said:

I went along but had to leave early which was a shame. The yellow Elite must have got there after I left, which is a shame

I think vehicles were coming and going throughout the day, so easy to miss some of them 🙈

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