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Elise S2 K series 1.8 revving when started

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I have a K series Elise S2

It is not running properly it starts ok first time you start it, after about 30 seconds it cuts out, you restart and it sits there revving between almost stall and 2000 rpm, also the Fan runs even though the car is cold

My fault reader gave out two codes, one for the crank sensor and one for the O2 sensor.

I have replaced both of these bit still have the same fault

After doing some reading , I also changed the TPS and the IVAC

I have posted a video for people to watch

So to date I have done the following and still get the same results

IVAC, TPS, Crank sensor and O2 sensor

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It's so weird 🤯

As above:  air leak - only needs  an invisible pin hole

Did you  change Both of the O2 sensors or just one? I'm sure there's pre and post CAT (?)

Battery?  Seems to be the culprit of many Elise ailments.

TPS recalibration?

ECU reset.. disconnect battery, to you know: 'turn off and turn it on again'  (Grasping at straws now)

Good luck!



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Mine behaved a bit like that when the alternator packed in and the battery was running down

I ought to add, when it did it I rang Gav at Unit 4 Vehicle Services and he immediately diagnosed it over the phone. He was immediate and unequivocal, and correct!

If it were me I'd take it to Gav, especially if it's about due a service anyway - get it all done.  He isn't dear.

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