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So my 1300 mile Cup 250 has a very annoying constant rattle coming from the passenger side. It sounds like it’s under the footwell or seat (though very hard to pin point, could be the dash 😃). It’s there whether you’re doing 5 mph or 50 mph.

Any pointers/common rattles before I take the car to pieces to find it?


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Sorry then can not help you, my 250 was a hard top only and the few occasions I did take it of, when it came to refit it there where always noise from the passenger side low down, found out it was how tight I fastened the the roof back into place. Good luck in finding rattle they do drive you crazy.

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Thanks for the tips.

The undertray bolt suggestion is interesting. I was wondering whether a stone or something has been trapped on top of the tray. Didn’t think about the bolts themselves. I’ll jack it up and have a look this weekend.

If that doesn’t fix it I think the passenger seat needs to come out.


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