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My Coal 50km for Cancer Research UK

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Good Evening All,

I am attempting a 50km ultra run on Saturday raising money for Cancer Research UK. Having not previously run further than 13miles (once, in 2006), I started training in September working up to half marathon on Christmas Eve and then up to 24miles as my longest training run. On Saturday, I will still have another 7miles to go 🙆. It will hurt a lot.

I have been blown away by the support I have received so far, fundraising is at £2,365 as I write this which is nearly 5x my target. I think the level of support is a reflection of the number of people who have been affected by cancer in one way or another. Cancer Research aims to eradicate cancer, I believe that is possible and want to play my little part.

If you would like to read a bit more about my story or make a donation, please take a minute to read my fundraising page.


PS I did run the idea of posting this in the forum past a club Director and I hope nobody is offended by the post.


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Hi Boys n girls I fully support Richards cause  I like most of you have had a loved one who has had to deal with this terrible desease please make the effort to make a donation no matter how small 

you can all make the difference



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Hi Rich, if you complete the 50K I will increase my donation from £20 to £50, so don't give up go do it :) 


hey all the people who enjoy my runs £5.00 is not a lot to ask, please consider a little donation :) 

thanks Ray


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50km is amazing!  I think i'd find 50km on a bike hard enough, let alone with just my legs.  Great cause too.  I had cancer a few years ago (that's why i had to sell my previous exige and abandon fun for a year or so) and Cancer Research do a stellar job.  

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Thanks very much for the donations and support. I'm all set for the morning and support crew are in good spirits. I'll post an update on how I've got on tomorrow 👍


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Wow, that was a mission and a half! 5 1/2hrs, ran almost the whole 50km, just a couple of short walks on the two steepest hills, a few paracetamol and some emergency fudge an hour from the finish. I could not have done it without friends and family that were running or cycling in support or cheering vociferously. It's been a challenging but hugely rewarding experience but I won't be running for a good while 😁.

Thank you so much for the donations, including gift aid, the totaliser is approaching £4,000 that CRUK can put towards their mission of beating cancer.

Looking forward to our next run out to Central Lotus next week 👍💨

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