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Midland Tick today.... fantastic run!

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Had a great run today, little traffic and a beautiful morning. Good mix of cars concluded with the best breakfast sandwich for 50miles :)

Big thanks to Ray for organising.

Here are a few of my pictures...












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A Fanblinkintastisc run Great weather  almost clear roads Great cars and good company :) 

After Marks pics I wont bother with my poor attemps😂

Thanks Guys  for a Great Morning

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I really enjoyed the drive, company, weather and breakfast this morning. Thanks very much for organising Ray. I'll also keep my photos to myself after seeing Mark's 🤣

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Good run today not much traffic sausage sandwich was up to the usual standard and the sun was out. Nice to see everyone again  cheers guys.

Mark one of those photos has got to make it into this years calendar.

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Just as soon as I get the car.  big fan or breakfast runs 😀

Ponderosa Cafe on the horseshoe pass near Llangollen was always a good point to meet.  Good roads, quirky motor museum in Llangollen, steam trains etc, lots to do/see in the area as well as a decent brekky


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On 04/04/2021 at 23:37, Elisemadray said:

it was a real fun this morning in the sunshine, you should come and try it sometime 🙂


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