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Returning member with new car.

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I’ve been a member on here since 2003 back when I had a S1 Sport 135 Elise. I attended a couple of meets, one being a trip to Rhyl where we all got caught speeding from a hidden camera van that North Wales were so keen on back then!

Anyway I was in my early 20s back then and needed the money for other things so sold the Elise after about 2.5 years of ownership. I always said I’d have another though so now the grownup things like a house, wedding and child are covered I’ve just bought a new Cup 250. 

I was looking at a factory order Final Edition but they were coming out just too much for me and understandably no dealers were giving any discounts. So I found an unregistered stock car for sale which was pretty much the exact spec I was looking at for a FE car and just/almost in budget.

I picked it up the other day and the car’s great so far, really pleased with it.

I have a couple of questions -

Does anyone have a 2bular exhaust on their 250 or 220? Do you find it droney at all? I find the standard exhaust a bit droney at motorway cruising speed. It just seems to be around the 3k rpm mark, higher and lower than this it’s much quieter.

I have a body coloured hardtop on order with the factory. I’m wondering if it’s worth getting it PPF’ed? I’ve had the front clam and side skirts done and I’m debated getting the roof done as well. Is there much of a leading edge on the roof that suffers from stone chips?


I’ll hopefully be able to get out on some runs soon, here are some pictures.....




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OH that's lovely, I'm a real fan of silver wheels :)

I've got a 7" 2bular back box on my 250 - sounds great, I don't think it drones much but to be honest it rarely sits at 3K rpm for any length of time so I couldn't be certain.

I would be very surprised if you suffered with any stone chips on the roof, not a vulnerable point IMO. 

Congratulations on your purchase, don't forget to save the date for Lotus in the Peak (9th, 10th, 11th July) and get it booked as soon as we release the details :)



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Stunning looking Cup in a beautiful colour. Like Duncx I had a 7” 2bular on my 250, never any issue with droning, what I have heard from the latest cup exhaust it sound better than when I had my 2bular and if my memory is correct Jim at 2bular stopped making the 7” because he had a few complaints it was to loud for track days and only makes the 8” now which in a track focus exhaust so it is very quiet if you only using your cup for road use.

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Hi Stu, congrats on your newly acquired Cup, it looks ace in that colour and the silver wheels set it off nicely too. I'm also a Cup owner so look forward to seeing you're in the flesh at some meets 👍

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Thanks and thanks for the info on exhausts and roofs. I’ll try and get on some runs to have a listen to the different exhausts.

I shall definitely try and get along to Lotus in the Peak as well.

Been enjoying the last couple of days of nice weather in it. Because it’s so small and well damped it’s increased the amount of good roads available in Derbyshire massively. Roads you’d avoid as being too narrow and bumpy in a normal car are now fair game!

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On 06/04/2021 at 18:20, Stu_H said:


Thanks for the info Jonny. Your car looks awesome. Would be great to have a listen to yours at a meet in the future - a 2bular manifold and cat interest me for a future upgrade.

Definitely, will try to get out to a few meets this summer

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