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Hi all, I'm new here, and soon to be a Lotus owner.

I have an Elise Sport 240 Final Edition on order for July delivery.

My car background for the past 17 years has been Mitsubishi Evo's along with daily drivers such as Toyota Celica, Seat Leon Cupra, BMW M140i and others. I recently sold my Evo as I wanted to scratch some other itches.

The Elise is one of those itches. Had been planning a Sport 220 but that became OBE as the 240 final edition was launched. Though I'd missed out as the dealer I was speaking to told me at the weekend that they had sold out, but I managed to find another dealership on Monday with an unsold build slot, so I put a deposit down to secure it.

Spec not 100% but at the moment I have: Solid Red, Red interior pack, mats, stereo, cruise, air-con

Looking forward to being able to drive it beyond the supermarket or work hopefully by the time it arrives!  


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Hi Rob 

A warm welcome. I'm sure you'll love the club runs with Dunc and Ray.

you're moving from one geat car to another and  yet a completely different  driving experience. Beware it may be an itch now but you're likely to be smitten quite quickly!

Look forward to see you 'both' on run this year.  

Gold wheels?

Best wishes


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Welcome Rob,

                          Look forward to seeing pics of your car when it arrives, and hopefully seeing it in the flesh at a meet/run. For what it’s worth I recently bought an Elise and don’t regret taking the plunge to satisfy that itch.




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