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Newly acquired Elise - General information needed

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I could have some information about some aspects of my car - I'm just wondering if its just because its a Lotus!

I've noticed some imperfections in the paint of my engine bay. I saw them when I bought the car, but the other day I noticed that there seemed to be just more of it (at first it was just on the right edge of the engine bay and now it seems to be multiplying towards the other side. ) 

Is this normal? I've seen this type of paint quality in photos of early S2s, but maybe its a sign of something, or maybe its just normal in these early Elises (mine is May 2002)

I've also wondered some coolant residues on the expansion vase, so I ordered a new coolant cap from Elise parts and it hasn't seemed to change much. What could it be? I found out I have a leaking radiator soon after I bought the car. Symptoms include whilst driving, getting a random splurt of greenish liquid shot onto the windscreen, as well as a tiny bit of coolant dripping from the sides of the radiator.

I'm ordering a new aluminium radiator and changing it at the end of the month, but will that fix the coolant residues on the coolant expansion tank? 

Also, the previous owner removed the sill interior protection covers to sand them down before selling the car to me and as a result, the screw holding it in position has dropped out - where could I find the same screw to replace it? I like keeping things looking as OEM as I possible. 

Is there a way to make it so that the driving spotlights are switched on with the dipped beam too? 

And how could I adjust the windows? They rattling is getting worse every time I take the car out, so I'd like to try having a go at ajust them if possible.



Image from iOS (4).jpg

Image from iOS (2).jpg

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If the only paint imperfections are *inside* the engine cover, keep it to yourself and be thankful.  I'm not sure I'm seeing what you describe.  In the two photos?  The main imperfection that you get on a Lotus is bubbles under the paint, can happen anywhere but especially common on early S2s.  Other than that the paint tends to be quite good and lasts well.

Old coolant!  Most people have switched to the OAT type, but no matter.  Something to consider if you fancy flushing the system.  More important, the normal level for the coolant is at the "min" mark, not above the "max" mark.  Consider the two lines as "cold" and "hot" levels and you won't be far wrong.  If you overfill then it will get spat out whether the cap is good or not.  Even if it doesn't spit it out, filling above max puts strain on the system because there is less expansion space as well as having more coolant in the system than the bottle was really designed for.  Once it finds the right level, leave it alone unless it is completely silly.

Driving lights should not be used as dipped beam.  Because they aren't dipped.  They're additional full beam lights, you'd need to replace them completely to use them safely on dipped beam (and pass an MOT).  The driving lamps are spliced into the harness with the headlamp full beam, so you'd have to split that out, splice it to the dipped beam instead and adjust the relays to handle the load.  The lighting relays are all hidden inside a switchpack on the S2, so not so easy.  Fuses would also need tweaking, not so hard.

Adjusting the windows is easy, assuming you don't mind getting your hands all cut up inside the door.  Stopping them rattling not so easy.  Examine the guide rails to see if they're fixed.  They tend to come loose, especially at the top bracket.  Also check the blocks on the glass are properly attached and firm on the rails.  If the mechanism itself is rattly, it could just be worn.  You can adjust it, slather it in thick grease, and see how it is then.  Should be possible to stop it rattling when closed by carefully adjusting the upstop blocks and eccentric stop (try it without the eccentric stop, and then dial that in just enough to stop you winding once the windows are fully up), harder to stop it rattling half-open

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Hi and welcome to MLOC

Pretty much as above. The windows can be easily adjusted and with the mechs re-greased should hopefully cure your rattling.

Paint wise I'd say you might be being over critical each one of the elises I've had have had iffy paint on the bottom side of the boot lid. Removed the sound deadening on and car bonnet and you'll find power paint work.

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