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Who’s driven theirs then?

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Me me me ! I drove it! It rained. It was great.

Mines been driven back from its respray in Lancashire and to gav  for a service...  might use it this year now I have it back...

House hunting today lol 😂 

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Mine hasn't moved since bringing it back from storage- the second time it has been in storage in a year and a bit. Lowest miles done ever between September '19 and now. We were building from September '20 until a couple of days before Christmas, including a new garage roof, so it was tucked away in storage again when I could have used it, and since bringing it back she's been SORNed. Looking forward to getting some time to give her some TLC and then probably tax again in April when we're allowed to move again.

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Other than being moved in and out of the garage to rotate the tires mine hasn't moved since March 17th 2020 :(  Ive only done 300 miles in my other motor in the same period tho - must be a record! Seem to have been shielding forever. Must get MOT booked for sometime early April.

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9 minutes ago, Elisemadray said:

:clap: and thank goodness for british roadworks :lol:

Unless they're Lincolnshire roadworks, then they'll send you twenty miles down the other roads that need repairing. 

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