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Just arrived Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Do share the photos Matt! I didn't realise it had a reg already. To a much lesser extent, I can sympathise with the seat buckle issue, my Evora had a crushed buckle in rear (damaged on manufactur

Hi Dave, It’s a base 410 with additional sweetners and includes some nice touches as a nod to the original S1 Exige. https://media.lotuscars.com/en/news-articles/twenty-years-young-lotus-celebrates-

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Now listen carefully Adam, no 'stretching of legs' for 1000 miles and no 'passing lorries loaded with straw' EVER!

Gotta keep it pristine   :wub:

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Congrats Adam. Shame we weren’t quite matching on the reg front.

If it’s anything like mine, I’ve managed to do the sum total of 248 miles since New Years Eve

God this running in phase is torture

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It's actually better that that Duncs.......... it's a phwooar-ten!


Who needs a beautiful sunrise when you have that, Adam.  Mind you, you say that's the office window, it must distract from getting work done.

I should not be itching to change mine after less that a year, should I?.  I will have to remain green.......with envy.

I hope you and the girls, or should that be girl (one at a time now) enjoy it.


(p,s. I can't believe that photo didn't make the calendar)




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