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Just arrived Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Do share the photos Matt! I didn't realise it had a reg already. To a much lesser extent, I can sympathise with the seat buckle issue, my Evora had a crushed buckle in rear (damaged on manufactur

Hi Dave, It’s a base 410 with additional sweetners and includes some nice touches as a nod to the original S1 Exige. https://media.lotuscars.com/en/news-articles/twenty-years-young-lotus-celebrates-

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1 hour ago, XH51MES said:

Just arrived emoji7.png743a25e4050b0bdf9a891e9ddc199a98.jpg

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Nice!  Is that Lotus’s new way of reducing panel gaps?

Will you be able to collect it if the dealer is in Tier 4?

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you must feel like a kid on Christmas morning  
now we need a few pics of Adams

I’ve not been able to sit still since end of November. Been torture!

Can’t wait to drive it now. Heading to Lapland at Silverstone Sunday so that will hopefully be it’s first run.

Subject to handover going well tomorrow.....

I’ll be nervous till I get my hands on it

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2 hours ago, XH51MES said:

Happy birthday for Saturday!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Thanks Matt! It wasn't planned that way.

The finance company have a chunk of my money from the Evora which they've taken since before christmas to work out how they will move it from deal to another. 🙃

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