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Removing seats isn't too hard.  Hard with the roof on!  Four socket screws in the base of each seat.  Slightly tricky access for some of them but an allen key will do it easily enough.  They might be threadlocked so tough to get started.  Be very careful putting them back not to cross-thread them.  Start them by hand and they should go in fairly easily.

Undo the seat belt attachment on the door side and lift the seat out.  Or leave the seatbelts attached but you won't get the seats very far.  Remember the order of the various washers.

Carpets on your car I'm not sure, but OEM ones won't be hard to take out.  Mostly velcro and one fastener.  Might want to leave any sill carpet in place.  There's some variations with the model year.

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I concur with Lithopsian, 4 socket head screws and the seat belt. Super easy. The carpet is easy as well, but if it’s like mine, the glue on the velcro will have gone hard and will just pull straight off. You’ll need to glue it back on afterwards. 

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