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MLOC Calendar 2021 - Photos required!

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we had hoped they would arrive today, now its going to be one day next week the way the post is we can't be sure which day it will be we will update as soon as we are able ps. they will be worth

It's cheaper for next year to become a paid up member rather than buying one.

I've submitted some ariel shots on behalf of Paul smith....I'm not taking credit for them....well not until they get published 😃

Posted Images

Just received mine.

Unfortunately though I must issue an apology to Alex H as we have made an error for October. The photo in the calendar is one from last year rather than of Alex's.

Sorry Alex, I'll try to make sure we use your image in next year's calendar. 

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16 hours ago, Elisemadray said:


It's cheaper for next year to become a paid up member rather than buying one.

Stunning cover photo. Would love a S1 Exige. Will be patiently waiting for the postman delivering my copy.

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13 hours ago, Adtmits said:

Mines landed... it solved the mystery for the family of the Hermes parcel that has taken 10days to arrive is!!😂 

Ah just got a MyHermes notification yesterday that they had received a parcel for me. That explains what it is rather than something I'd forgotten I'd bought for the house.

Hopefully it'll arrive soon. 😎

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