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Soon Soon... I haven’t seen it yet. (Only refurbed parts pics). Toyo R888rs going on as that is the only thing close (size) down here in the arse end of Africa and just refurbing wheels from the couple of scrapes from England’s county roads many years back when I lived there. Keeping everything stock as I bought it from new in 2000 except carbon fibre dipping cam cover and a few of the crapper engine plastics (pics attached) to compliment the factory carbon airbox. lets face it the standard  K series is not the prettiest thing to look at so just a subtle change that someone can easily put back once I die (as that will be the only time anyone will get their hands on my beloved  car). Engine going in next week I think and then we will be close and then hopefully I will be allowed to see it and take pics (one of my best mates is the best auto engineer in the world and he is doing it for me... he has had it 4 years (went in for oil change and he ended up taking it to bits)... it has taken Covid to give him the time to do it.  So that’s why I have not seen it... he won’t let me and wants it to be a surprise when done but I send spies in to take pics of parts that keep appearing. Exciting stuff. 
Will keep you posted. 






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PROGRESS IS SLOW on my 2000 Exige Mk1 rebuild....  but it is progress none the less. Just got these pics now... engine now in :)
Rear suspension going in tomorrow. Apparently even all the underside ally plates (the flat bottom of the car) have been polished up and made to look like new.... i actually have no idea the extent this is being redone as i am not allowed there, but it sounds like it will be better than when i first collected it from Lotus in 2000.

Engine has been completely refreshed and clutch swapped (not that it needed it as only dome 25,000 sedate miles)... and to what extent i dont know but a year or so back i saw it all completely in bits, so pretty comprehensive....but here is an interesting thing for K series owners...
They told me that the injectors were 60cc 
under spec (presumedly it underfuels by 60cc /hour/minute/whatever?)... so have been recalibrated (or whatever they do) to get them into spec and ultrasonic cleaned. My car has always 'pinked' under load (from new) which indicates 'lean' so that could have been why. Might be a worth while exercise for any K series owner o whip them out and have them checked. (as mine is stock stock stock from brand new)

Getting pretty exciting now. Have not changed anything else from factory stock except for doing a speaker swap out whilst the seats were out for the Kicker KS series as the ones in there are shocking (and those swap straight out), and a new single-din headunit with 3" screen and bluetooth so i can mount a front camera into the front grill to stop destroying the nose on kerbs. That said, my good mate that is doing this has OE coated the brake callipers red (which i dont mind and can always be stripped again), and i have a nasty feeling they may have carbon dipped the tail spoiler (which I am not sure i will be a fan of, but lets see! I can always strip and repaint again). Might look cool, who knows.

Will keep you guys posted.




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