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Baffled Sump - Toyota 2zz

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Hi all,

At my last track day a Lotus educated chap recommended putting on a baffled sump on my 111r for track day use. (Max 5 per year)

The 'Seriously Lotus' and Elise-shop versions seem to be £4-500 incl VAT, but I found one (Seloc search) for £199+VAT at Elise Spares http://elise-spares.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=sump&product_id=526

Has anyone done this or explain if it's worth splashing the extra cash?



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Hello, first post here,

I have one just like that (it’s either the one in your link or one similar from eliseparts)I will be selling as I’ve just upgraded to a morose sump as we do mainly Trackdays and semi slick tyres , I’m just outside Peterborough as well.

its definitely a weak spot of any car that’s used on track, and if you have starvation then it can cause all sorts of issues and premature wear, as well as the risk of catastrophic failure is present 

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I did some research when I got my sc220 (2zz) and general concensous was if doing track days then get a baffled sump due to oil starvation, particularly if you use high revs with higher G's (hard braking and cornering with R tyres). 

I went for the Elise Parts version. 

It's well made and was a straight fit. 

My only advice would be is take your time as there are a couple of studs that didn't come out of the block. You may need a stud extractor. I ended up leaving them and there is just enough thread to use the nuts but go careful. 

Just make sure you apply the gasket paste properly. 

Fitted mine over a year ago and not aware of any leaks yet (last words lol) 

Also ensure you use good quality oil to ensure the viscosity remains when at hotter temperatures. (and NO, you don't need to replace every track day, happy to discuss that). 


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Thanks for the replies. Yesterday, I ordered the 'Elise-spares' one as I only do max 5 TD's per year, so I'm sure this will be better than the existing standard one. 

... and thanks for the fitting tips. I will print them off for my chap who will be fitting it.


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