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Boot lock broken, can someone PM the fix please?

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Hi all, I’ve not been on here much recently, weirdly my Elise hasn’t been playing up! Although I do need to give it quite a bit of TLC at the moment. I took the battery out today to pop it on my trickle charger over the winter an noticed the boot lock was really stiff, thought that I’d better fix it when I have a few moments. Shut the boot then thought I’d take another look at the boot lock and immediately realised that although the mechanism of the lock itself is ok, it doesn’t seem to actually be attached to the latch. 

Can someone send me the info to get in? I appreciate that this info isn’t something you’d want on a public forum, would someone mind sending it me as a PM? Hopefully some of you remember meeting me a few years ago? I can also supply photos of the V5, videos of me unlocking the doors etc, failing to unlock the boot as required. 

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    • By JulianT
      Hi there
      My boot lid seems to have gone all wobbly at the hing. Feels like the pivot bolts that secure the hinge have unscrewed and detached them selves.
      The manual says it's a clam off job but I was just wondering if it really is?
      Thanks again
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