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I changed mine on my S1 Elise ages ago. The proper Lotus ones are ridiculously pricey, but alternatives are available to do inside and out. I think there is an instruction guide on here or maybe SELOC.

If I remember correctly, the rubbers are held on by little steel clips all the way along. I replaced mine with the glass out and the door off because of other work I was doing at the time. Refitting the doors and windows was definitely one of the most challenging jobs I did!


Edit: I think it was Bis who produced a guide...

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I have s3

Things are a little different

£112 + vat each side original parts

There is a guide on the soloc  wiki to remove them.

Which I have followed ....very easy.

The rubbers have alli insert which has coroded/disintegrated because the ends are not sealed. Thus has caused the bubbling under the rubber

It looks like I will eventually have to buy new unless there is a scrapper out there




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Here is a guide that might help others reading the thread:



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Always useful to know where each generation of Elise/Exige has differences. Glad to know you’ve already sourced new ones and found the very easy guide on SELOC.

It might be that Bis’s blog helps Chris or Timloy with their S2s, even if it wasn’t useful for an S3.

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So ok

I have had a little prod around and may have another go when I have more time.

The first picture shows how it was and the second how it is now.

I have basically scraped the corrosion from inside the rubber.

It is not a permanent fix but it looks a little better and the rubber could probably be stuck down with some kind of silicon / adhesive type of stuff.

But I only had 20 mins or so to have a dab at it.


It looks better on the car than in the photos to be honest.

it will never look like new thats a fact

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S1 use a separate piece either side of the glass. You can make a tool to fit the clips easier enough and a decent replacement is available from Eliseshop. 

S2 & S3 use a strip that is joined at the rear. A plastic rivet pushes into the door at the join. I tried to find some years ago but I believe they are Lotus specific. 

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