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Lotus in the Peaks - Lost Property

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Missing: Front passenger wheel center cap, last seen at Hassop station cafe and probably lost en route to Peak Rail... :)

I noticed yesterday that it was missing after we parked up for lunch....I've had a look online and not quite sure which part number it is (part 17 in the link below is split into 3 numbers):

Parts List

Has anyone ordered similar and know for certain which is required? The whole center cap is missing so now the center wheel spline thingy underneath is visible. 

Thanks all 

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You need to pop one of the others off, measure it and match it to the 3 listed? They appear to be 3 different sizes ( wheel dependant i expect ) You might be able to just ease one off from the front. If you cannot, drop a wheel off and just push it out from the back HTH

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