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Sorry wheel and tyres again

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Sorry but having real problems with wheels and tyres. I have a set of S2 wheels around 2006 they are 5.5J with no rubber on so I was going to get them done black and get some new Yokohama on them but you can only fit up to 195 on that rim width and they don’t make 195 in 175, 185 or 195 in 16”. I am assuming that my standard SC wheels are wider? If they are then I can fit 205 on the front which they do in 16” if that’s the case could I leave the car on the rims on a block of wood while I get the SC wheels done black or will it damage the wheels. Due to the jacking problems is the any where yo can leave the car on stands with out damaging it? 

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Putting the car on the spare alloys with no tyres will be fine, just put some sheets of wood/MDF under them to prevent damage.

As for the SC wheels, I'n not sure if they are any wider, they might be 6". Check the Seloc wheel wiki here for more info.


I had the same issue and went with aftermarket wheels in the end (not to everyones choice) but it allowed me to get wider fonts that easily took the 205 tyres.

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