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Hi All - I am about to purchase a 2017 S3 but my last check (which perhaps should have been my first) is whether I can get the car on my level drive safely with no scrapes (and into the garage) from the road.  The pavement between the road and my drive seems a little steep and I am worried that the nose may strike the pavement just before the front wheels land on the pavement kerb to give the nose the height it needs.  I know that clearance generally isnt an issue (standard ride height is 140). I could reverse in (we are on a cul de sac so its easy to do so) which may help (but equally not sure if when drive off nose first whether I will encounter issues).

Of course if anyone in the Sutton Coldfield area wanted to try it out on my drive (😁) then that would help....! (I have GREAT coffee in return).  Ill take some picks of the drive/pavement/road but it's quite hard to tell from the photos.


Any comments/views much appreciated.

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As strange brew said, approach at 45 degrees not 90 to the kerb. Borrow a car first explaining it’ll make your decision easier. 

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