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Elise roof cable.

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I know this is no real help but mine like many others snapped by the swivel clip at the end, I have found a local company who can reclamp it as there is plenty of spare in the adjuster. The only problem is I need to drill the old cable out of the end swivel which is proving very hard as it just wont drill, I may have to take it to an engineering company after all it will still end up costing far less then a new one. 

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They area ridiculous price for them too - around £110 IIRC.   Had 2 go so far on a less than 2 year old car :(  Luckily they've been replaced under warranty. When they go again as they will, I'm going down the VX cable replacement route, as never heard of any of them snapping.

One my previous elise I had one go in 6 years of driving - so the standards have dropped yet again.

In reply to Macey, try eliseparts or a dealer if you want to keep original.

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