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Weirdly I paid PWPro a visit last week. He will wonder whats going on. I think they are one of the best at what they do tbh.

Worth popping down for a chat. I wanted all mine doing.. 😂 so weighing up if a spray would be better than a wrap.

they do loads of top end motors as you probably know, I just wasn’t sure if he had done many lotus. His only issue was if there were lots of stone chips, ie front clam, which he suggested sanding down to make flat to get the best finish when wrapping if that makes sense.

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Posted (edited)

Yeah I went there about a month ago...... tootled round there again this weekend whilst on my travels but they were shut,

He was quoting me between 3-400 just to do the front inspection cover hardtop rool hoop cover and peice around the rear clusters.

but wouldnt comit has I didnt have the hardtop at that point.

Just always good to have a second opinion no one likes paying through the nose for these things

I will try and get there again tomorrow after work.

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3 hours ago, STRaNGe BReW said:


I,m looking to get parts of my Elise wrapped. Mainly to look like the Black Pack

I have a place called PW PRO on my doorstep http://pwpro.co.uk/

Anyone used them or suggest an alternative??



Hi Andy

i had my Evora S1 wrapped by Signsuk in Hinckley, they do majority of work for Silverstone so I opted to go with them and I live about 25 mins away so local.

they did a lovely job even redone my wing mirror as it wasnt perfect but they sorted it as they wanted to make sure it was correct.

the vinyl used was very good , I went for a carbon fibre look on roof and mirrors and Matt black on side sills and front splitter 

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