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Starter button fix

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Hi all this may have already be done but if not here we go.

I have had a problem with an intermittent starter button so I decided to take things apart and it turned out to be an easy fix.


Remove the two screw and pull the panel forward and down. When you put it back to gether the screws don't  line up very well as the fixings move. 

The button appears to have a rubber cover over the back then 4 short cables leading to a connector but when you fold back the rubber at the back of the switch back it turns out there is another connector  which is held to the switch pins with what can only be described as a bit of Bath silicone? Any way if you push the rubber back up the leads you can just simply unsolder them one at a time and solder them directly to the switch pins, then push the rubber back down for a nice clean dry job.

This may not be your problem but you can kind of prove it just by seeing if the white block is a little loose, I did try some tape to start but it was not very successful and at the end of the day one less connection has got to be better.

Hope this helps someone.






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